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Doo Blind back figures by play mobile such a fun little line so far. That's all I've gotten. I haven't gotten any of the sets a might be tempted to get the mystery machine. There's a cool set was scooby shaggy and I think a ghost. I might be tempted to get that one right now. My my targets. My crosshairs might aiming device is on the play mobile blind bag series. These are cool. You've got an assorted amount of good monsters. You got twelve ghosts. You don't have the thirteen ghosts the Scooby Doo. That would be perfect. But that's just not how the the case assortment worked out yet. Twelve different goes blind packed in the assortment. What makes us? Frustrating is is. There's codes no one's lot code down yet. It seems like you're one guy. One Guy bought a bought a whole case of them. Went through log down the codes everything it literally only working like two or three people's findings so the codes are out there if you don't WanNa gamble too much there. Tricky play mobile is playing it hard and they're playing it faster. Say Hey our names playmobil. We ain't playing around y'all whole them. Take a drink of this Hawaiian Punch as delicious. I like the ocean. Orange variety of Hawaiian Punch. I know lava bursts orange high. See still available but I can only get it in little juice boxes and I have a much thirsty. All I like to have a big old glass punch so this Hawaiian Punch Ocean. Orange is the next best thing now. Back to the subject at hand. The playmobil scooby. Blind bags are really cool. You got a blind bag. Ghost figure if you're not a fan of of Playmobil figures. You're probably not gonNA be a fantasies but if you are in for a treat they'll come with a sticker of said ghosts included in the package. Now it's intended for a poster available at toyshops which carry this poster a free from what I understand that when you get your figure you can put the sticker on there as account a check off list that Super Ed at Super Awesome. I live in Georgia. I don't have shops having this poster. So right now. I just got pile. Stickers net super cool. I Love I love I love. I love when blind package things. Come with things like a sticker of the character that straight legit. Y'All that's how it's supposed to be you know if I bought a pack of muscle on a card usually get about three little cash. She's in the package. I don't expect a sticker if I bly bly. How do you bligh something? Make sure you do it if I buy something like a Keshi from a Gash upon machine like a find a canoe come in Machine put put my money's in there and get Mike Capsule my blind luck of the draw. Command figure experts sticker net multiple and. That's how it goes. You know it is. There's a youtube channel I follow. Don't ask me his name because it's in candy and I don't know how to pronounce Kenji There's no English translation Available whenever I try to translate I get nothing His icons cartoon Ham Rose new does is. He goes to Gash upon machines. He buys a boxes of by different collections. And videos are him. You know sorting his collection and it's super cool super interesting and when he does the series like I said. The blind wants come with stickers and he'll has like a checklist he's made like a little binder and he'll put the sticker there by the figure and put a little stamp on it and I might man. That's super cool. If I was that organized might do something like that but back to Scooby Doo Day. Coma cool stickers. I love when figures come because stickers now also included in the package is a sort of file card type DOODLE BOB. The the figures come with a clear little. Lopez that figure can hold and a sticker you put on it and it makes the file card of the monster assuming assuming assuming this is meant to be the files that mystery INC would keep of the monster but there's at our side but I'd like to think it's their business card like you know there's a convention. Oh Hey disco demon how you doing. Excuse me it's the disc demon poser disc team and how you doing. Oh Hey hey creeper hey what you doing her and they just kind of exchange cards. They are talking business. You know. That's how you do things that's how you handle business. You WALK UP TO INTERSTATE PARTY. You present your cards and then you start talking. And that's what these ghosts are doing. You know at the Monster Convention slinging. Where's there's some guy with a farmhouse that he's trying to take by illicit Maine's he needs a higher A complete stranger. I'll just be seen for one second to beginning at episode. Who turns out to be the monster? I'm your man that's made the demon what that farmhouse here I ever mccart. So that's what I'd like to the Magin this clear. Peace with a sticker love stickers that you put on to identify such as the figures themselves are great recently charted by only one or two week because like. I said the code system is a frequent nightmare. And you can fill the bag. You could be that guy. Stand there filling the blind bags. It's like this you're at Walmart. And you're on a hole in the back of starburst a but this is. This is a good sound approximation. You're.

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