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Federal government exercises its option to double its purchase of drugmaker Madonna's Corona virus vaccine, which awaits FDA approval. Five says you'll NATO reports, Health and human Services and the Defense Department are going to buy another 100 million doses of covert vaccine from Madonna. That's on top of the 100 million the U. S government's already ordered, But the Madonna vaccine has not been given emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration like visors already gotten that's supposed to be happening in the coming week, but during his promising to get 20 million doses delivered by the end of December And the rest will go out in the New year in Washington. Jill NATO Fox News authorities in Tennessee's say they're searching for two inmates who escaped prison, kidnapped a Kentucky Highway Department employees and stole a resident's truck. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Robert Brown and Christopher Osteen escaped Friday morning Northwest Correctional Complex and Lake County, Tennessee. The inmates are considered armed and dangerous. The highway employee was later found safe If you've had a problem with those pesky wasps, foxes carry McCue as a novel solution. Villagers and the Chinese city of Jong were plagued by the stinging and sometimes deadly pests flying from their nests. They raised ¥80,000 that's about 12,000 bucks and contract ID with the volunteer operation called Blue Sky Rescue. They came up with the idea of converting a drone into a flame thrower. Once fitted out with a gas tank and along nozzoli went toe work. Video shows the six armed drone firing bursts of fire onto the nests. The locals cheered and applauded as the flaming hives plummeted to the ground. 11 nests have already gone up in smoke, some as big as a suitcase with more than 100 more to follow. Karen McCue Fox News I'm Joe to your heart. At the Home Depot. We improve things this holiday season. We've improved.

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