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To figure out where the limit on where the lines drawn you know it's glad you just happen to this whole thing really it's it's been happening i think cavemen were really roofless for the cave women were they they had may all that in a youth adult male dinosaurs iraq to the museum natural history there was a bar a pickup bar for the male dinosaurs and they abuse all the women which is their arriving low snacks are eating an island were a building and then near the multinationals which nick up behind uh so glad it's it's it's long overdue billions of years billions of years yup i would have about your friend luisa k what's the story there what a two sisters under this is like a this is mueller hey what it feels like when mueller that's exactly will and i hope it doesn't i which really great would love that guy yeah because i mean and what what are we doing our hope on this entire country on disc at god knows no no i know i i i never hung with louise ko's as big a shock when i heard that this i didn't even know the the rumors until just before the story came out and i was one of these i never know if this is crazy out online things are not and i felt horrible for the victims and i felt shocked about c k but you know i got to say something you i'm i'm a comedian but i'm a man and a human being first in the you know what the hell man this is going on and dairy queens than k and i'm not i'm just saying in stores are national use a generic name but it's all over the place to sign and then decent have microphones but he gonna do you know the milkman on my rouch abusing new where she going to get on the news no one's going to care so i i don't know how they're going to address all these other women are abused to you and touch that iraq to anything like i don't want to touch it you talk about your favorite subject in may you well because why not people who don't want it think about that everyone has crap going on in their lives actually forget your stuff deal would myself and then go out and say thank god i'm.

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