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Mason next generation of talk talk radio twelve ten WPA. Only. Reggie says it's time to legalize marijuana. What will the taxes on it be? Will they be enough to cover the fifteen dollars an hour? Minimum wage and New York says you want a gun. Here's your Twitter password. Welcome back to the show. Glad you're here. The only show on Twitter at rich eight five five nine twelve ten mazing to me, you talk about freedom and liberty. This is the kind of stuff a local story. It's in New York state. But I guarantee it's going to come to a theater near you, very soon kids. Fox News reports this story out of New York state Senator Kevin Parker. We've got a Bill in New York calling for all gun. Licence applicants to let the government review their social media posts going back three years and their internet searches going back one year. Imagine that you gotta turn over to the government your password, and they'll look for things such as racial slurs. Look, I racial slurs in my mind, they're awful. There's no question about that. But should I should that mean, you don't have the right to enjoy your constitutional rights because you use racial slurs? I in the first amendment protected, racial slurs advocating racial slurs. I think they're horrific, but I'm saying that's the right protected by the first amendment. Why don't you do that? Why don't you look through their social media history? And if they espouse racial views take away their first amendment rights. Right. If they say these things on Twitter and Facebook deny them their first amendment rights, meaning jail them for what they say. Oh, they would love to. Now. There's nobody nobody wants hate speech laws more than a leftist trust me on this point. They would love hate speech laws. They would love it. Kevin Parker says it goes any good cause for the denial of a license racial slurs threats of violence and terrorism related posts. I yeah. Okay. What if you've got threats of violence and terrorism related post? I got a bigger question. Why is this day and age of mass surveillance? Do they not know about this already? You know, if you're on Facebook or Twitter, and you're threatening people you're threatening terrorism. And he's other things why why does this not get red flagged as somebody? Why doesn't Facebook and Twitter red flag? Why are you still on Facebook and Twitter is my question? But the bill's sponsor Senator Senator Kevin Parker has a history of his own legal skirmishes, he was convicted in twenty ten of roughing up in your poster offer big fan of the first amendment this guy. Obviously, right state Senator. Kevin parker. Hey, a beat up a New York Post photographer and allegedly give the same to a traffic agent in two thousand five but avoided punishment by greenshoe undergo anger management training. So now, he takes out his anger, and aggression on the constitution. In addition government records cited by the New York Post in two thousand seventeen indicated Parker owed more than fifty thousand dollars in property taxes and water bills. He said, I need a raise. I'm considering becoming an Uber driver upstate. He said he and his brother inherited properties and their tax burdens from their parents. Oh, you mean, you have to pay the taxes on land you inherited which is a problem for you. Now because it affects you personally, something that we've been talking about for years, and how people that inherit family farms and land often cannot pay the tax Bill on those properties. Now, it affects you, and you you suddenly give a damn say state Senator. Kevin Parker amazing as far as his background gun. Check bill. They would surrender their passwords or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and subject to scrutiny of their search histories on Google Yahoo and Bing. Yeah. Journal that over in order for you to exercise your second amendment rights. His proposal follow the Cobra twenty seven the massacre of the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh where the gunman allegedly posted antisemitic comments before killing eleven people. What about Louis Farrakhan? Does he loses second amendment rights or his goons that protect him given his antisemitic comments? Can we take away his guns? I know that he's got those bodyguards around him Louis Farrakhan has armed guards. Obviously he does. That's not a secret. Well, can we take away their guns? I mean, he's got a known anti Semite there with a long history. Call what do you call them recently cockroaches, called Jewish people cockroaches? So how come his goons get guns? So you see now what happens is you have to lose your liberty. And you gotta turn over your thoughts to the government. So they can review and then decide what what rights you're eligible to have only what the second amendment. They give this nonsense. There. It's just amazing to me. Because imagine if they said this well before you can become a journalist. You gotta turn over your social media passwords to us. We're going to see if you have bias receive your bias. And then if you if you show bias, we will give you a a certified licensed to become a journalist. That's how it will work. So give us your history of your social media posts and your Bing and Google search engine history. We'll look through it. And as long as we can tell no inherent bias. You will have the right to be a journalist under the first amendment of the constitution. How many members of the press would would be? And I'm not advocating that by the way. But imagine if somebody did. They would they would go crazy as they should because it's a freedom crushing idea. Liberty crushing idea. They go crazy, and they should but with the second amendment. They it seems reasonable to me that's perfectly reasonable turnover. Your thoughts you thought crime? Why not have listening devices people's homes? If you want a gun, you've got to suggest subject give all your Alexa, data to the government to show that they can find out if you've ever threatened your wife or your husband. If you're having an affair marital problems because we can't for domestic violence issues. So we'll turn over to Alexa, your whole everything. Alexa, will give it all up. Sorry. If I just triggered your echo. And then the government can review it and say, well, we think that your why not why not just get right to the chase. And invite the government into your home to monitor your actions twenty four seven why not just do that? And just skip right in front of the line. Since it's amazing. How we do this stuff in New York state. So it'll probably pass. I'm sure it'd be struck down. I hope as being on constitutional. I hope and I don't know. I don't know if you see because there are Obama judges in this country, despite what John Roberts said last week. There are Obama judges. There are liberal judges. There are judges in this country who do not believe the second amendment applies to individuals. There are absolutely liberal. Judges are absolutely conservative judges. The chief Justice is out of his mind to think that just because you get a robe you suddenly lose your political bias. That's the other thing. How about that? How about before you get to be a judge you turn over all of your social media post? So we can make sure you don't have political bias. You've got to look you've got to be impartial. When you rule on the constitution. So give us your social media history. So we can ensure that you don't have an opinion on these matters. So if you've ever posted something on abortion rights or gun rights or something we'll know we'll know. And then we'll be able to decide whether or not you have bias or not. And is it something when the government decides what biases right? They set the terms of that. Basic a terms of what they would red flag somebody losing their second rights. Now, if you're one of those wackos listens to talk radio have you talked about taking your government back, you take your country back those kind of things now what about Madonna when she talks about blowing up the White House and her arm security guards, they get to keep their guns. Well, that's just a twin isn't Madonna. It's how about Kathy Griffin with a head severed head. I assume she's got armed guards to to those bodyguards lose their guns because of her wacky Twitter. I don't know again, I wanna know how that works. There's a guy being investigated right now with the secret service. His name is Tom Arnold. He's a comedian. I don't really know how to describe him. He was on Roseanne data Roseanne. What are you live with married? Her tommorrow is being investigated by the service, his comments on social media. Does he does he have a gun? Does. He does he have a gun or does it what what's up with that? And if he doesn't I assume he's got a bodyguard if he does have a bodyguard. So crazy really is Andrew Cuomo says he's ruling out running for president in twenty twenty. He says it was never that Great America. And he's not going to run for president. So he said make America great again. Yeah. It was never that. Great salad stinks at this club. I got e-coli from your dirty romaine and honest, overcooked avail every single freaking time. Every time change chefs already. He's he's out. He's out. So that's it. He's not gonna run. And that's a that's a real shame. Because I was looking forward to him being interviewed by his brother, the lesser Cuomo and being asked a lot of tough questions. It actually the best part about that has been Andrew Cuomo goes on the lesser show. Chris Cuomo heat at Chris Cuomo doesn't get in a word. Andrew cuomo. Does takes over the show is his brother just sits there nods. His head. All right. Well, that's it. He's out. So there you go bad, Merrick is not that great. Let's face it. The parking stinks. I mean, I gotta drive my car around the block to three times they get a parking space in this country. It was never that. Great. I'll tell you one thing though, this cheesecake is great. That's the only thing the cheesecake, here's the best otherwise this country stinks. But the cheesecake is to die for try by this cheesecake, try this cheesecake, I write about that only the rest of the country was as good as cheesecake. But it wasn't that great. This cheesecakes could very very good eight five five eight three nine twelve ten. All right. We've got a lot to get to today. There's a there's a number of issues going on in New Jersey they want to legalize marijuana. Now. Look, I've always said this I'm fine with it. I don't have a problem with it. I think it's going to be inevitable down the road. Anyway. But what I think is fascinating is they're going to tax at twelve percent, right. Make sense, right? Why not tax at twelve percent? Where's the money? Go has anyone figured that out yet where the state of New Jersey is going to do with all that money has anyone figure that out as the raising tolls and fees and everything else at where is that twelve percent could go I imagine the government's gonna take a lot of money. I assume it's all going to go for the children. But just in case, it's not where is it going? That's what I need to know..

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