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KOA? Newsradio time is eleven oh. To Broncos backup quarterback. Chad Kelly will be in court tomorrow morning on trespassing charges. He was arrested by Inglewood police early this morning after going to an annual wing party hosted by Broncos linebacker von Miller, the court records show Kelly Watkin to a home and sat on the couch. The homeowner hit him with a vacuum tube. And then Kelly walked out Broncos cornerback Chris Harris junior says the Halloween party is an annual event that brings the whole team together every year 'cause I've got to Holloway party, man. We've done it every year. It's no different team bonded. And I had a great Germany, and my wife Harris tells KOA NewsRadio Lewis and Logan show that they all have known that Chad Kelly had a checkered past and he hopes he can get back on track. But Harris says his arrest won't distract the team. Because Kelly is just the backup quarterback for team plays Kansas City against the. Chiefs in Kansas City. The chiefs in Arrowhead stadium on Sunday. Some people have already turned in their long ballots. The secretary of state's office says nearly one hundred sixty thousand ballots are already in of those about fifty eight thousand are Republican fifty-five thousand Democrats and forty four thousand are unaffiliated spokeswoman limb Bartels says it's extremely early still. Well, one thing is I live in Denver. I didn't get my ballot until Saturday, and it's still sitting on my table because you practically need, you know. Cotin guides to go with it to figure out how to vote on some of this stuff. Bartels says the county clerk's didn't even start sending out the ballots until last Monday. It's a long balanced. So a lot of people won't even look at it until this weekend. One person has died after being removed from Thornton house fire that broke out last night. Thornton fire pulled the person out of the home on Saint Paul circle treated that person. And that person was taken to the hospital where they later died next update at eleven thirty. I'm Roger bar on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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