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You know I have any busy said I think I have like twelve summers left. So the documentary kind of follows him trying to kind of go for the for a Broadway show I think he's trying to go for you know he's made all his accolades and music and whatnot but Broadway still that one thing that he still wants to Kinda like climbing achieved but Yeah. Just hearing it said you know how many summers you have left is kind of. A Nice gentle reminder and I don't I don't I don't I don't take it as know super morbid or anything but it's just kind of like what you want to do with those the sun you know, what do you want to do with the? That type of season in. So it's a yeah it's just being more picky more choosy, but more decisive as well about the things to do and I think you know hopefully it'll. It's a good filter to weed out. So. Only good movies and good stories from here on out. Guys this. One. just maybe I made a pact with the devil or something. They have Asian Skin Care Regiment on longer. Yeah I mean you know we want to try our best, but we only have so much time left. So there's a little that. I think Legrand, you've made up pretty great mark with this film the Paper Tigers as we've already said, we've gushed about it's it's a great awesome fun movie. That everyone should go see that said, how can people watch the paper tigers? Ooh, well if you're in the US. You'll be having several opportunities. There's a couple film festivals that be streaming to the US You'll have to stay tuned for the official announcement, but upcoming is our US premiere at the Elliott Asian. Pacific Film Tussle. It's. GonNa be what we call go fencers I guess we can only allow the streams to southern California and then we'll have our New York premiere, which is to the strike Tristate set Connecticut Jersey New York with Asian Cinema Vision Than the Asian American International Film Festival out there. So fleeing next. Thursday or I don't know when this Arizona October first. Is when we have that streaming window for us, and then we'll have some other opportunities down line but. Easiest thing to do is just paper tigers movie, Dot Com, and then you'll be able to track all our our news also the paper Tigers Dot Com. Tigers Movie Dot Com retirement movie, Dot Com, but we can pay for it. Yeah. We can pay for the euro. That's the movie. How can people connect with you? Bow I.

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