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Kyi, Buddy Charlotte Reese tells us a person of interest is in custody. Police focused most of their investigation inside the home where two people were shot and killed. It happened Saturday afternoon on Green Valley Road and Shelton Ham. A person of interest was taken into custody. Police believe the incidents stemmed from a domestic dispute. Craig Brown tells NBC 10 he was shocked to hear the news, he says they were always quiet and polite Neighbors on we just say hi, how you doing what's going on? And that's pretty much it. Brown, who lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years, says it was odd to see a crime scene on his street. People have only been living there for four years. Charlotte Reese KOW NEWS RADIO A Florida congressman leaves a Christian charity over some unchristian remarks about a colleague. That's just ahead on Kay Wanda. Body News, radio, first traffic and weather on the twos. Malcolm point Extra to the third joins us with traffic High Mountain. John. Thank you so much. Everything pretty quiet out there. It's been a solid morning. I'm happy to say everything good to go on the vine Expressway. River to River has been good to us. No accidents, no problems and no closures, except for 76 westbound in South Philly, and that was not causing a prom. Everybody must exit at university do that closure going up to 6 76 That paving project We're keeping an eye on it. Everything looks good, nice seeing a lot of work being done right now. Maybe the concrete being dried, But everything pretty quiet in South Philly on the westbound Scougall. He's bound. No reported delays. Everything good coming into the city, having had any issues pretty much from the P Turnpike down through Conshohocken all the way through center city now. Down in Jersey. We did have a problem. 40 eastbound in the in the pen, sock and excuse Mea Pleasantville area of innocents cleared everything good to go in all the jersey majors in for heading down to the beach. For some sun today. Nothing any delays coming home at this hour? Everything pretty quiet on the expressway and the Garden State Parkway. All the bridges are clear. Indicate what maybe 24 hour traffic center. I'm Malcolm point after the third time Now for our five day forecast with it, NBC 11th alert meteorologist Michelle Grossman. Very active, very warm. Start.

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