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Medium dose comatose timed out eleven hours could be nine forty six two hundred thirty square miles flattened by the may eighteenth nineteen eighty eruption of mount St Helens have for decades to recover but they still show clear signs of what happened that Sunday morning comes right here spoke to the resident expert about that recovery in about what's changed and how they watch the volcano the events of that morning started with the growing bulge on the northwest side of the mountain finally coming loose in a massive landslide which then uncorked mount Saint Helens and allowed all the hot gas and magma inside two explode out that buried the land around it and filled the total river's North Fork with mud and trees so deep but it took decades for the river to carve itself through the dirt Dr Seth Moran scientist in charge for the U. S. geological survey's cascades volcano observatory first visited in nineteen eighty eight is a UW grad student and he says eight years later the transition from forest to decimated was still sharp in the eighties and nineties you could see that on the west side as well and on the road that you drive up to get to the cold water visitors center and now the transmissions or perjury there's a blast on on the west side now as you're coming into the Johnsons are richer you cannot tell that you've gone into the blast on the trees the forces growing up and it's a very full forest over the last ten years certainly that continues to grow it's still very obvious land your address ridge you can very much see the landslide deposits and lahars and the creator and all those things are still laid bare but you can also see vegetation moving inward Moran says they're also able to detect the movement of elk herds with their seismometers and goats have been spotted up in mount Saint Helens crater doctor Moran tells me many of the instruments they use to monitor the mountains are in the same places but as with so many things the technology and capabilities of the seismic network have vastly improved we're working actively this summer and next summer to upgrade more sites and get them into sort of the modern digital world we're still using and about half the sites on analog telemetry there's a combination of those familiar places that's Jolla just since I've colleges from forty years ago but recognized today as all this is what we had things but the sides looked look a little bit different technology has dramatically improved in so many areas in the last forty years and that's over you're much more able to record the signs and symptoms that double kos producing and really detect small small scale phenomena looks very small earthquakes very small surface decorations on the order of of millimeters Moran says one volcanoes are quiet lake St Helens is right now and after the two thousand four to two thousand eight eruption they can spot gradual increases in the number of small deeper earthquakes and he says the GPS instruments spotted outward movement of about one or two centimeters over six years which he says shows there's probably some magma deep in the earth and pushing the ground away in two thousand fourteen we issued an information statement that said based on these two forms of evidence we believe that there is some small amount of the magma coming into the system that's recharging it part of the process of the volcano building towards the next Russian which is years to decades down the road is not short term warning but St Helens is still alive and that we certainly need to continue to do the monitoring even if you know the volcano goes for decades more without any interruptions and that is almost right here supporting a lot more that story coming up later this afternoon it's nine fifty Ellen Terence business update time of your money now crude oil up close the market rebalances the Baker Hughes drilling activity survey showed the U. S. active rig count dropped to the lowest level since two thousand nine I NG also cites reports Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have decided to suspend output in June in a neutral zone between the two countries the clock is ticking for J. C. Penney which is racing to settle with creditors quickly enough to convince them it can't again once make money selling clothes cosmetics and cookware to another generation of shoppers after filing for chapter eleven protection on Friday penny appeared on Saturday in bankruptcy court where the chain hope to slash its debt and spin off a real estate division that's your money now what a day on Wall Street right now renewed optimism over the fed the recession fighting tools and the maternal vaccine trial which has been encouraging other markets skyrocketing the Dow up three and a half percent eight hundred nineteen point gave that as except two point three percent a gain of two hundred six and a half the S. and P. five hundred is up three percent eighty six points for the day this report brought you by T. mobile T. mobile and sprint are joining forces to build a network that will cover more offices and employees across the country you will.

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