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And weather on the ancient When it breaks we check in now with married a pump. I'm a busy w T o p traffic center. It is. It's a lot of work that's happening. Princess was giving us the slowdowns, especially on the capital Beltway, the outer loop If you're heading westbound and toward silver spring, your delays are beginning in Prince George's County and 95 running south to get onto the outer loop. Also heavy and slow. This slow roll goes past New Hampshire Avenue exit 28 single file to the right is getting by scheduled work for the Northwest Branch Bridge with us all weekends to be prepared right now, any of the work around, you know, to get you to university Boulevard 29 Georgia Avenue. All could work to get you past this delay. Also Maryland 200, the icy sea heading West. For a minimal price. You could ride that with no incidents between 95 a 9 to 70 better news on the Maryland side. This is it for your interstate problems. We're gonna look inside of the Beltway and D. C to 95 on the eye to 95. It's a slow roll getting past the 11th Street Bridge toward Howard Road. Scheduled work here has only a single in getting by. Suitland Parkway is having to get toward to 95, with the closure between First Sterling and South Capitol Street also planned. Follow your detour there. No updates in awhile, but listeners saw outbound on Suitland Parkway. Near Stanton Road. You were staying left. There was a disabled vehicle. No, help is on the scene. And we've still not heard that help arrived. We're gonna flip the coin and check into Virginia Interstate travel is doing pretty well. 3 95 95 from the 14th Street Bridge all the way through Stafford County, Nothing Major 95 running south after the Beltway near back Lick road. Report of a new incident. Watch for any response. There. You are at speed with multiple lane closures, multiple demonstrators expected downtown. Lot of the street closures are in effect. Go to w t o p dot com for the full list, and you can rid your home of unwanted pest turned home. Paramount Pest Control today for free inspection. Triple A.

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