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Whenever they happen I'm Greg rice on ten ten wins president trump's impeachment trial in the Senate could wrap up today let's get the very latest in this live report from Westwood One correspondent Linda Kenya yes good afternoon senators Lamar Alexander and Lisa McAllister you're now saying they will not support witness testimony when the issue comes to a vote perhaps late tonight so this appears to close the door on the democrats' hopes to hear from former national security adviser John Bolton and some other administration officials and president trump's impeachment trial house impeachment manager Val Deming says a trial without witnesses is a sham if witnesses are not called here these proceedings will be a trial in name only and the American people clearly know a fair trial when they see one still to be decided is when this impeachment trial and it could come tonight although there is some discussion the both sides might want more time to deliver their closing statements so that means the trial could wrap up next week instead on Capitol Hill I'm Linda canyon for ten ten wins under the New York times is revealing more from John Bolton's forthcoming book and it the former national security adviser writes that two months before the phone call with the president of Ukraine that sparked the impeachment pro president trump asked him to help with his pressure campaign to extract damaging information on Democrats from Ukrainian officials buttons as it happened in the oval office in early may and that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani were in the room so was he says White House counsel Patsy baloney who is now leading the president's impeachment defense wins.

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