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You or any of this because my children were trafficked ten years ago i think there have been lots of good books and movie thrillers have been written about that scenario where somebody's white or their children are kidnapped and then there's a there's a real there's a real exciting movie that that goes on for two hours after that event and that's what happened to me my children disappeared overnight they were they were kidnapped by the state i didn't have any warning and i never saw him again that's what happened to me and that's why i pay attention and that's why for ten years i've been doing nothing but connecting the dots as to what the hell happened to me what the hell is going on and and and and when i call you guys i get i get a few seconds to connect you know one more dot or a half a daughter to dots and there are thousands of them that i've identified and the and the one world thing that's just a couple of them and i am because you were talking about that immediately before bringing me on so i connect a couple of my dots for what you said so that nobody can accuse me of hijacking the conversation not that you care about that here but it's actually connect and other dot in other you're a radio station and you and and you do free talk live and you do it really well you do it better than anyone else because on any other venue i'd have been hung up on five minutes ago because of the second you start talking about something on our local radio and i won't name him and i don't know why i can't name them but i don't want to risk getting hung up on and it's not it's not kiva the one that carries you right now kiva doesn't do any of that but keep us competitive does they they they censor anything that that starts to drop the show a bad light on people that come on their radio station.

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