Iraqi Government, Kirkuk, Iraqi Army discussed on Weekend Edition


To pursue a process of independence and despite warnings not to do it kurds went to the polls last month and they voted in favour of supporting independence explained is what the repercussions have been from that very key referendum so one of the things one of the immediate things was the iraqi government declared it illegal referendum and it moved to try to isolate the kurds did that by closing the international airspace a but then the hammer really came down in insent iraqi troops into territory that the kurds have controlled since two thousand fourteen so you'll remember that when isis came in an surrounded areas around kirkuk and other places and were threatening northern iraq the iraqi army collapsed disappeared and kurdish forces moved in so last week and the week before that iraqi forces started moving and they pushed out kurdish forces they now have control of kirkuk which the kurds thought of as there capital they have control of some of the oilfields in their moving to take control of the borders that the kurds have also controlled so it's a devastating blow to kurdish aspirations the united states is also warned the kurds that they did not want them to hold that vote because it could weaken the fight against isis have we seen any evidence at that's true we'll this fight against isis which has been going on for quite a long time is now really in its final stages but the fear and really is that after this isis there could be another form of isis or something else in it really needs an integrated the united security force in an integrated country to respond to that so that's where the us had been counseling the kurds who are a very very strong and staunch ally not to hold the.

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