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What happened going? Three dress on and only one agreement of the twelve predictions. I was one in eleven but I ended up having a great weekend agree with you. And right. I think he agreed with me on the colts beating the Texans. So I got and also we do one of my favorite segments. All week is Mondays headlines today with Jason McIntyre in forty minutes where what will the headlines beyond Monday last by Friday last hours. Our my favorite hour of the week. Not because it's the last hour, by the way tip of the cab, Utah Jazz. I had to do a speaking engagement last night with Donovan Mitchell spider, Mitchell, what a great kid that guy is what a great kid and quince Neider the Utah Jazz staff talk about a world class organization. What a bunch of great people in Utah. So I'm gonna go watch them next week play the clippers. How about that? Nice. Great and Spiderman shell what a career what a kid funny. Smart. Good kid fifty minutes, Greg Jennings. Jason mcintyre. Monday headlines today. All right. So we got four outstanding games this weekend. Can't deny that. Right. Did our blazing earlier. But chargers patriots is the most intriguing to me. So let me start there. I don't think look plays a part in life. Good breaks bad, brakes. But the reason luck does not play part in people's lives over the course of seventy or eighty years is because you have forty to fifty years to overcome childhood chaos. If things are kinda messed up early, and nobody had a perfect child at you. Didn't didn't joy probably didn't I know Goulet TUI? Those guys are crazy. Okay. Nobody had a perfect life. But I don't think luck plays a part in your life. When you have a seventy five eighty your life. But what if your life was fourteen years that was it beginning to end? You would not have the time to overcome chaos abuse dysfunction? Twelve thirteen fourteen years is the life span of an NFL franchise quarterback. And therefore luck plays a part in it. Bad ownership three coaches fired and four years. There's a lot of things you could not overcome. You. Simply don't have the time to overcome it this weekend. Tom Brady, the luckiest quarterback of all time will face Philip rivers. The unluckiest great quarterback of all time. This is in no way. To in any way. Dilute the greatness of Brady he would have been great anywhere. But I doubt the greatest of all time if he'd not been rather lucky, and this is not to say, Philip rivers wouldn't be the greatest of all time. But he'd have more playoff wins in life the shorter. It is the less you can overcome. What if Tom was a charger? And Philip was a patriot thing about Tom career. He is drafted by now in arguably the greatest football coach of all time. He lands with arguably the top owner. In professional sports in America. Bob kraft. He is drafted into a hyper competitive, hyper academic city. The Boston Bruins the Red Sox. The patriots..

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