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Support for planet money and the following message come from i shares because the best preparation for tomorrow is building for your future today i shares by black rock inspired to build live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi singh president trump hosts south korean leader moon jane this hour with prospects of a summit next month still uncertain between trump and north korean leader kim jong in texas governor greg abbott is meeting face to face with school shooting survivors parents elected officials educators and others to brainstorm ideas for making schools safer in the wake of last week's mass shooting in santa fe the community is mourning the deaths of eight students and two teachers killed in the attack npr's hani lo wong says the first round of talks start today in austin governor greg abbott is set to hold three days of what he's calling the roundtable discussions about improve safety insecurity in schools and communities and he's inviting survivors of santa fe high school shooting plus those from other recent texas shootings and there will be advocates there for and against more gun control npr's hansie lo wong the groups likely to discuss hardening of school campuses and the arming of teachers however the likelihood of more significant gun restrictions is lower in texas where where than a million licensed handgun owners can openly carry a firearm in public taxes among a handful of southern states holding primary contests the stay for this year's midterm elections the others include arkansas kentucky and georgia whereas johnny kauffman of member station w ab in atlanta tells us the contest to become the democratic nominee for governor will be historic no matter how it turns out for the first time in the state a major party will nominate a woman to run for governor both candidates in the democratic primary are women each vying for support from the party's progressive base stacey evans is a former state representative from atlanta suburbs and stacey abrams was the minority leader in the georgia house abrams is also black and if she wins would be states first black gubernatorial nominee from a major party whoever wins will face a tough general election contest it's been nearly two decades since the democrat won the governor's office in georgia.

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