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In new bedford this morning an award four recall tonight weisberg for wb news it's currently forty four degrees and partly cloudy your abc six forecast coming up and early morning stabbing the new bedford in and suites in one man to the hospital another is being held without bail new bedford police confirmed wbs news they responded to a report of a stabbing at the motel at approximately one one this morning the victim was located in a nearby vehicle and transported to the hospital police follow the blood trail too inside the building where they found three individuals police say were intoxicated including one person under the legal drinking age is determined twenty nine year old dominic lamar shoulders of new bedford aspect on the stabbing he was arrested on multiple charges also arrested we need three role kahlon crowds an 18yearold diversico brawl police say cabrera physical of an officer while attempting to interfere with the investigation shoulders was rain this morning and ordered held without bail pending a dangerous in his hearing december first place did not have a status update on the victim passage ucits man is dead following an early morning crashing dogged the single car accident took place just after 430 sunday morning in the area of two 51 barneys joy road darmouth police say to people 23 role jay patel of new pulse new york and thirty one year old edward bowls hillis suffered serious injuries during the crash both were transported to saint luke's where polls passed away short time later the crash remains under investigation newlyappointed new bedford election commissioner many to brito just got through his first election and tonight he'll run his first recount joseph joe fourth lost the war varsity council see to incumbent dana robero by just forty eight votes back on november seventh to debris tells wbs ems field pelley lowest the ashley room city hall will be packed tonight but himself members of the election commission to police officers city workers hoteliers the city solicitor and the two candidates but that's not all i'll white is that each face in nature talent actually near kinda like a spectrum old often an observer role to.

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