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This is rob Solomon right here in the Olsen law radio show. Let me remind you we have an open line at eight four four to two zero nine six five eight four four two two zero nine six five. We have a couple of spaces available right now or you can talk to our attorneys. Offline you can do that at four zero seven four two three five five six one four zero seven four two three five five six one s for Paul uric. He does our bankruptcy work, and Chrissy who is pro probate will estate planning that kind of thing. Trust all of that would be available off the line and you'll get get some time from them and it's a freebie as well. Let me remind you. We also have the landlord tenant workshop coming up and right now, you can make sure you have a seat available at that. It's for this Wednesday may fifteenth at nine forty five we get bagels and coffee, and we sit around a big table. And we workshop your landlord tenant problem. It doesn't cost you any thing at all. There's nothing to purchase which which pretty much have a good time trying to figure out what we can do to solve some problems. And since I spent a good deal of time in court. I bring that to the discussion. But generally, there are other people who have been landlords forever. And they have a perspective. That's very interesting and useful. Learned a lot myself. But we need to know how many chairs to bring in how many bagels to get. And you can do that right now simply by calling Chrissy at four zero seven eight hundred eight eight three nine eight that's four zero seven eight zero eight eight three nine or you can just textra at that. Numbered said like the reservation, and we'll make sure we have a c few and a bagel for you. And we'll get some work done, and it won't cost you anything at all. That's may fifteenth at nine forty five. Our offices.

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