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As vice president there is no evidence of wrongdoing another federal employee is raising allegations of wrongdoing The Washington Post says an IRS official has filed a whistle blower complaint saying he was told a treasury department political employee may have tried to interfere with the routine audits of the president or vice president's tax returns post reporter Jeffrey Stein says the trump administration is poo poo in the report calling it secondhand information former IRS officials say that if there is any interference whatsoever in what's supposed to be a totally a political process of conducting an audit from political officials that could be a very serious issue they being related illnesses are up dramatically nearly eleven hundred cases of severe long illness nationwide that's an increase of two hundred and seventy five over a week CBS is dean Reynolds says two new deaths reported today in Delaware and Connecticut I made an urgent investigation that a government health officials said was more complex than any ever seen before came word of the nineteen person to die from the mysterious illness died of a thing the eighth death in the past week and now a new report from the Mayo Clinic says what he cigarette users are inhaling is burning their lungs with what looks like chemicals as toxic as an industrial accident or worse victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting two years ago will be getting significant financial compensation attorney Robert and that says MGM resorts will pay up to eight hundred million dollars to settle lawsuits over the attacks settlement is not an admission of liability by MGM by any stretch of the imagination we have sad news to report about a loss in the CBS news family Brett bloom a reporter for camo. X. in Saint Louis has died he was fifty five this is CBS news. did.

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