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More than half a million people find work with express each year connect on the express jobs out or express pros dot com in the forecast we'll see rain possibly mixing with snow this morning I'll be in breezy this afternoon with a high of forty hearing and cold tonight low twenty five sunny tomorrow with a high in the mid forties right now with cloudy skies and sprinkles we're at thirty six degrees I'm John Bailey of the patriot I found one a one point five and eight AM fourteen hundred you might wonder why strains always seem so I relaxed well the comes down to sleep and wake and sleep like a koala full of gum lakes so we've invented a solution to your sleep problems it's called prone to isolate protest late present two in one solution that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep until you gently opens you nice to focus breathing so you can relax and fall into the land of nod and the built in center if user delivers a blend of for pure essential oils all night long for Butte's slate naturally then Pronto replenishes the oils ready for the next nine right that doesn't work well in trials eighty four percent of people with trouble sleeping down from Dr help them fall asleep seventy four percent down to help them stay asleep you'll find Pronto now at select Walgreens Amazon or prone to isolate dot com protest late is the gift of slaves from Australia from rhino bringing you advance nasal therapy there's a lot going on right now and broadcasters are on the ground covering all of it bringing you the weather the traffic and breaking news all well entertaining you twenty four hours a day someone needs to tell you what's going on around the world and in our hometown and that someone is us we are free radio we are always there we are broadcasters visit we are broadcasters dot com or text radio two five two eight eight six to learn more furnished by anybody in the station if you like the patriot you'll love the mobile app instantly connect with your favorite hosts with just a few taps on your phone or tablet.

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