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I hate you moving on something else came back was something that we've been waiting ages four came back and that is kept me hey it's back y'all what would be the second half of the first season which is being termed the second season is back finally getting it was very worried we were never going to see it but here we are all i can say one thing sassy taker sassy takers back and i'm so happy that astor so much we also got he'll seila reasons he finally heal it was very fun johnson he's like he's trying to things for everybody to he wishes upon star they get help and it's another version of him in either version of him does everything it's fun so they're really fun episode and i love the ending of the episode where everybody's just like what's going on right now doesn't really of you also this man is awesome you know it's like the more you hear about vince and then you watch this show it it makes sense why vince did it 'cause it's like right up vince is allie in terms of his sense of humor yeah you get it you give this a hit lines or from or great i just love that they got him to do it no it's just it's it's fence but you can tell it's been sitting in the closet for a while because they were the answers were referred as mike cole jbl at byron sex didn't minutes jbl commenter just a minute and a little bit then a little bit since byron saxton michael together too so that tells you everything you need to know right there so many owned from there if you haven't watched it please check out.

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