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What are you even talking about. Br shambo interjected. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Aaron rodgers then chime to get them brazen instead to shamba spent the majority of the call talking about the upcoming match up in the trash talk and the altitude so again. I don't know why people even asking about it could not have been more mutual. I mean how. How does she think he paid him for like a nondisclosure. Like an nda basically have no idea. I mean probably probably a hundred grand probably six figures right who true s a little. A little partying. Yeah i think that's a good taste in his mouth exactly honored k. Tim wish helicopter especially wanna keep caddying noses caddying cruise over. He's like all right. Well like i got nothing to lose. I can go burn every bridge out there on the pga tour and write a salacious book about this absolute nut job that i spent the last few years with would would read woodley's on that's that's kind of what a lot of people were saying. It's like man you know it would be a really and this is a you know no free ads. I guess but the kinda you know. What i'd love to do is go sit at a luxury van. Drive down the oregon coast for a while or hey. Let's keep drag we. We don't we don't have to go to abandon immediately. Yeah oh what does that never him. I'm gonna drive you drink. Drake tell yeah anyways. That's pretty much all. I've got for For this past week bubba is out of the open ceviche. It became in contact with someone who has tested positive. Despite being fully vaccinated is unable to make the trip to saint. George's it's going to be wild if somebody if somebody tests positive on the charter yeah. The entire charter is going to get wiped out right So yeah i'm could not be much more excited to watch some open championship golf this week of a full Rica or full preview. Podcasts will be out. Tuesday some point anything else before we For rap a big. I find some dinner somewhere in toledo. That's not closed at nine pm on a sunday. big news. Tag ridings prevailed in two hole playoff out in colorado on the korn-ferry tour this An actually tag ridings i think was in by queers group. Get out ahead of me. No no they were to group backup and we ran into both of them Inbetween jaguars in front. And we're was behind. And we were the middle of that sandwich. When transparent a mizzen and main fly always tag ridings to i would always see him at Sectional qualifying in columbus and he always carried his own bag. Never had a cat. And i think he's kind of crazy. His last victory. Only other victory on the korn-ferry tour the permian basin open in two thousand and two guy. We're we're praising. Lucas glover like imagine everything gloves going through except for on the korn ferry tour. Yeah i mean and the fringes of the pg it other other such luminaries as mark lee shman. David bergougnoux brandt snicker luke. Guthrie have all won the permian basin open and with this victory. Writings goes from a hundred and thirty eighth on the korn-ferry tortoise to sixty ninth so he won on a tournament and he's not and unless he plays well in the next few few weeks. he's not even going to get into the finals. That's wild only on how cabrera going to prison for two years. Had that in my notes. I will refuse to speak until we hear from billy payne on this. He did not live up to the ideals that we expected sad story. it really is I don i don't ever take on it other than it's just it. It sucks. what sounds like there. There are other other cases against him down there as well. Yeah i think he's. I think he's just it's not a bad guy that's not good not good bad guy. What do they do does he. Does he get out of prison. And then get get to go back to the champions dinner. I gotta think that these kinds of charges would fall under conduct unbecoming you know. I don't i don't think augusta will be issuing him an invitation going forward. Because you know i don't know how they i don't know how they do that. Vinny del negro on the american century championship celebrity golf tournament over lie guy. John colts got it. For the lads. Also thou watch which all right so so del. Negro's father passed away a couple of days ago and he didn't. Wd the american century. We're we're looking. Seems like a appears like a wild wild some air there but you know maybe it was one of those things. Dad was a huge golfer and ospel leaves in their own way. Though rainy i want to hear about columbus country club. It's wonderful. I if anybody in and around central ohio i you know ranking wise. I understand that. The best course in columbus. But i think it's my favorite course in columbus. It's absolutely the course. I could play every day extremely walkable. They restored it to its roots. i think keith keith fosters crew. I don't know who the actual guy maybe mike hargraves. I believe is the name. Hope i'm getting that right i. It's just a a wonderful wonderful golf course. yeah you know i. I don't know to do a crash course pot all on it but yeah it was a treat on it. I played i played white. Bear yacht club on friday heaving fairways. It's not a flat li- he's run the whole place and then and play braemar the dinah city municipal diner that's where the cake eaters at embarrassed think. Yeah it was. It was delightful great great public off course par. Three course there rains was chock-full awesome grill and bar. They're great back porch. I was blown away by the place. Love shout out to braemar. I played nowhere. I played nowhere as well yet. Entering your scores. Yeah people are people are starting to notice. Each nonsense may off line. Not not until july. My friend yeah exactly. Come on boy all right. Everyone have a great week. We'll be back very shortly here with a preview for this coming week. Uk british open presented by her majesty the queen and prefer some decent weather for the big guy for tomorrow at inverness drench city usa top. Kennedy's jeers boys club. A right club today better than most about that is better than most..

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