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With murder Beth Myers. Right. State. Attorney general Mike hunter going after two drug dealers right overdose death. I'm Beth Myers, and the NewsRadio one thousand K T O K new center the overdose. Death of a Tulsa man leads to charges now against two alleged drug dealers. State attorney general Mike hunter said today that he's filed charges against twenty four year old Tony heath and twenty six year old Alex Schmidt now hunter says the victim twenty five year old Eric Adams bought heroin from heath who was working together with Schmidt to distribute heroin around Tulsa county, and then Adams died the next day his brother found his body heath and Schmidt now have both been charged with first degree murder, and she is safe. The FBI says a thirteen year old girl who was kidnapped from her North Carolina home on Monday with pound Tuesday night at a hotel in Chicago to Oklahoma and a twenty three year old suspect was arrested on charges, including. Child abduction. The FBI says thirteen-year-old Aubrey Accre of Rutherford county North Carolina was reported missing. By your mother on Monday. Investigators say they had a key eyewitness account that help them pinpoint a vehicle that was used in the abduction. And then they tracked that vehicle to Oklahoma Jacob Guardia, the Albuquerque New Mexico was arrested. Outgoing state treasurer Ken Miller says he plans to resign from office about two weeks early about two weeks before his term ends in January. He's taken a job with GE Energy Corporation, the parent company of Oklahoma, gas and electric, the state's largest electric utility. And he says he will join the company on January second and a new warden at the Oklahoma state penitentiary in McAllister the state board of corrections. Today voted unanimously to approve the appointment of my carpenter to replace Terry. Royal who resigned carpenter has been serving as interim warden since July and an oak magi county woman now formally charged with murder. During two of her own children. Here's Katie okays, Calvin right with more on that charges filed today of Mogi county against a Newark mother who allegedly shot and killed her. Eighteen year old son is sixteen year old daughter while they slept thirty eight year old Amy hall, charged with two counts of first degree murder a one counter shooting with intent to kill it's alleged. She also shot and wounded fourteen year old daughter who still recovering the children were shot November I in their home and the Newark area hall is being held without bond in the county jail. The highway patrol says a sixteen year old driver failed to stop at a stop sign south of burns flat last night and was hit by another vehicle. The dill city girl was not wearing a seatbelt. She was ojected from her vehicle and died after being taken to a hospital. President Trump says a government shutdown is possible early next month speaking at the White House today Trump said he wants congress to approve funding for a massive border wall and deal to boost border security. The government runs out of money on December seventh.

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