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Please join me in prayers of the people lord in your mercy hear our prayer almighty god in Christ you taught us to pray and promised that would receive all that we ask in his name here now our prayers for the church universal for Idlewild Presbyterian church it's minutes from it's minutes mission and ministry for the healing of the earth for peace and justice in the world for nations and leaders for our local community Memphis Tennessee for the poor and oppressed for the breach and only for BJ Brock ray ward and Carol goods son in law who is married to Amy for Betty Lee Humphries who's in Baptist east for share a Tucker who is hospitalized in released following surgery for the people of Syria were caught in the crossfire for guide us lord by your Holy Spirit that all our prayers and all our lives may serve your well and your love through Jesus Christ our lord amen we are grown in grace and faith when we give ourselves when we give ourselves and our time talents and treasure let us present before god our gifts ties and offerings along a the we make our offerings small and large with the hope and confidence that all we do all we offer always say all we think and all we hope who tricked take root in this world and be the source of new expression of god's love of god's justice of god's character of god's mission and of god's reign may god's will be done in all the earth as it is in heaven through us alongside us despite US and for us I'm in.

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