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Dr Robert Jeffress pastor First Baptist Dallas, friend, and spiritual adviser the president's and president Donald J Trump all having a brand new series were in the middle of at First Baptist. Dallas from remember this Sunday the series continues. Plus, that's January twenty seventh interview the of Jefferson will have with governor Mike Huckabee right there in person. And so that's really exciting. This series. Of course, called choosier attitude. Change your life all the details at first Dallas dot org. Dr Jefferson, thank you for joining me for a little bit more time here on the pro honor to thank you. So governor Mike Huckabee I would love to know just personal stuff here. I would love to know how you or how did you guys? I meet you governor Huckabee. I know he used to be a Baptist minister. I guess you could say still is right. And what was what was it like? And I don't know when you guys started to become friends, or what may have been before, you know, he was on the national radar etcetera. And and what what do you like best about him as a person? Well, I tell you he is a winsome war. That's the way I'd term it. I mean, he can be tough. But he's not mad at people. He just is such a pleasant demeanor about him. And I got knowing oh, I guess about six or seven years ago. He actually came to preach at our church. He's permitted us preacher and got to knowing that way. And then crew talks got to know him and a little bit more. And in fact, I'm going next weekend up to Nashville to be on his television show Huckabee which is on TBN every Saturday evening, but he is just a great leader. I thought he would make a great president of the United States. And he was a great guy, but God had another plan for them. And I'll tell you what in one of the things I want to ask him in the interview because I know. His daughter, Sarah and watched her up close and in person in the Oval Office in her interact with the president, and I have great admiration for her. But I'm gonna ask the governor how he feels when he sees his daughter attacked like that. And how does he keep for blowing his top would like to know? That is a great question because this is unbelievable. The stuff that's happened to her over the years. So I I wanted to say that I too I really am. I think most of us really really can say can speak for most of us. And how proud we are of Sarah. And I would love to know. And I don't know what you know about this. But how how he raised her trained her up and I- schooling or anything. How did how did this woman as far as, you know, become who who she is today where she's tough she doesn't take prisoners, but she's also kind, but she's tough when she needs to be tough cetera. What do you know about her being? It's pretty well. I I know I mean, personally, he's exactly that way. She's a very sweet person she's up to sign dedicated Christian. But where she can be tough when she needs to house. She was reared in such a way to be that way, come Sunday morning at nine fifteen or ten fifty and you can hear me ask governor Huckabee that question because I as a parent, you know. I mean user out of the nest now, but for me, you know, having a fifteen year old and a twelve year old. I just love hearing because I hearing how how he did it because what is words of wisdom on that. Because I. I I would love it. I I want my daughter and son to be like her and like him. So it's great to learn from other.

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