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Of the annual greater L A homeless. Count. Volunteers will be in the south bay and the harbour cities as well as east and west LA county tomorrow night the last night of the LA county volunteers will fan out across metro Los Angeles, south Los Angeles, plus the antelope valley, the frame is next at seven thirty. It's the daily from the New York Times seven oh two. ABC's supporters include the L A Phil presenting a Chinese New Year celebration at Walt Disney concert hall. Young violinist Ray Chen will perform several works in this mix of music from the east and west with the Los Angeles philharmonic conducted by Lien Chan that's February sixth and seventh at Walt Disney concert hall. Tickets at LA, Phil dot com. Welcome to the frame. I'm John horn. We'll start today with the Sundance film festival. The annual event is a big deal for those working in film and increasingly in television. There's quite a history of breakout hits that were bought by studios at the festival. Little miss sunshine. Is one example more recent film is the big sick which earned an Oscar nomination for the screenplay written by husband and wife team, Camille nanjiani and Emily v Gordon and the documentaries that debut at Sundance have increasingly found themselves award winners. Four of the five documentaries that earned Oscar nominations yesterday screened a year ago in Park City this year, a record number of movies were submitted to Sundance more than fourteen thousand four thousand of them were feature length festival programmers chose one hundred and twelve features representing thirty three countries Kim you tawny is head programmer for Sundance. Somebody has watched each film in its entirety. Thirty and in many cases, it might be more than one person. The the worst thing we could do as programmers is to miss a film. We to make sure no film, great film gets away from us more than half the film screening in competition are directed by women. And I asked him you tawny. If that was intentional or accident. We of course, want to have a festival that first and foremost programming films that are bold and visionary and just taking chances and telling stories in new ways, and the fact that fifty three percent of filmmakers are women in our US dramatic competition is something that happened kind of organically. I think you know, it's we are. We're always looking for for gender parody in our competitions. But because these films also met these other criteria that we're looking for and films is. Is this wonderfully organic thing that just happened? I've been going to Sundance for many years than I care to share. But I can say that when I first started going independent film was just kind of coming up. It was when Tarantino and Soderbergh were starting to be important filmmakers, and then there was the whole rise of independent film. And now, it seems to be an interesting point because the big studios have either closed most of their specialty film divisions or are making big tent pole movies, like Harry, Potter vendors and things like that. Do you think that the role of independent film in Hollywood has changed dramatically even in the last couple of years? Definitely I think that now people are looking at independent film. Almost giving it more important than than ever. You know? I think that a lot of the stories that we're seeing are coming out of this real genuine need to tell the story. People are feeling like they aren't being represented in the mainstream, and they're really looking for this real outlet to tell their stories and some of the things that we we noticed this year. In the program. And this is something that someone mentioned to me after the programmers release because we don't we often don't sometimes just don't even know what we have until later when we can kind of take stock of of the whole program. And somebody said, you know, there are a lot of there are a lot of new faces. Like, I don't know a lot of the films in the competition or the filmmakers, and I think that's a that's a very positive sign to me the that we are able to be the place where people are able to discover new talent and to hear news stories and to to hear what new voices are passionate about you and your programming staff look at hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of submissions narrative documentary thousands of short films. Do you notice certain kinds of ideas or themes that filmmakers right now seem to be particularly interested in especially in narrative films fictional narrative films? Do you start to recognize similar stories right through all of those emissions? That's a that's a really good question. Because I think because we don't program by theme, or you know, we're not looking for anything in particular. We are coming to our TV screens or monitors with with really open minds in terms of of what what we discovered this year. It seems like filmmakers are are focused on. What is they're they're looking at what is. Truthful to the like, I we see a lot of in. This actually goes across all of our sections, not just in fiction that people are searching for the truth this year in particular. I feel like there's a real stress on shedding light on the issues that we face whether it be in fiction or documentary. There's obviously away that documentary and non fiction film can change the way that an audience looks at an issue. An idea changes the way, they think what they do you think narrative film can do the same thing if it's not about an issue or topic can a narrative film changed the way the audience, thanks or sees the world, I think so you know, I think about when I first became aware of independent cinema. Or when I first the first time I went to Sundance that was in one thousand nine hundred five and I saw I saw the film's safe. By Todd Haynes kids by Larry Clark. And those those films kind of I haven't changed my life. You know, I just the idea of somebody was making films that spoke to me in this in this very clear way and forced me to think in in different ways. And look at at the world in in ways. I had never thought of I think that is such a powerful thing in.

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