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To to kill israelis um the problem was that ext especially during these times when a suicide bombers were exploding every day in the streets of israel to the peak of march two thousand into when board that hundred and fifty israelis were killing one month something has to be done israel had to make a call and they they may do a called it had a significant moral and the legal price attached to it we're speaking with investigative reporter ronen bergman his new book about targeted assassinations by the israeli military and intelligence services is rise and kill first we'll talk more after a short break this is fresh air this is sheer been we're speaking with ronen bergman a veteran investigative reporter in israel his new book is rising kills first the secret history of israel's targeted assassinations you make an interesting observation here that most of the people involved in planning and carrying out these missions were brought young under thirty including people that we're making presentations to the prime minister who would have to sign off on each targeted assassination and wondering how you think the relative youth of these participants affected near the consideration of these issues this is on the very unique to to israel you have the chief of that intelligence organisation who needs to go to the only one who is authorized to given okay to assassination which is the prime minister now this is done a very small group of course highly secret but he doesn't know the so he's bringing with him very young people almost all of them under thirty some of them under 25 they are the intelligence officers the pilots the desk people and the operatives and they go to the prime minister to convince him to execute someone with doubt the try because that some one if he's not killed is going to kill more juice to more this is a unique scenario then usually happen in the private house off the prime minister in both wall street in jerusalem because it was so secret now joint time during history some of the people actually cross that room and became the prime minister of the ministry of defence ever barraq accumulate in jemaine attorney later in their careers you mean yeah yeah yes yeah they were more inclined to.

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