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But how long will it take? Dr. Anthony Fauci joins us Live on morning edition from NPR News. Well, ask Dr Fauci. What kind of threat The new variants of the coronavirus pose. I'm Sarah McCammon and I'm Rachel Martin Jonah Goldberg on Donald Trump's tight hold on the GOP even after he's left office. More than 1400 migrant parents were deported without their Children under the Trump administration. Where are those kids now? And will the families be reunited? And the Bernie Mitten means keep going strong. Now they're raising money for charity. It's Thursday, January 28 humorist Baraka is 52 years old today. Do. The news is next. Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst. The Department of Homeland Security says there is a heightened threat of attack in the U. S by domestic extremists in the coming months. NPR's Greg Mireille reports The DHS sites tensions from the 2020 presidential election. Homeland Security isn't naming any group or any specific threat. But it says domestic extremist may feel emboldened by the tense election last November, the January 6th assault on the Capitol in last week's presidential transition. Critics say the Trump Administration paid little attention to far right groups. The Biden administration has already called for an assessment of risks posed by domestic extremists. NPR's Greg my re reporting Thousands of National Guard troops remain in Washington, D. C. The Securities and Exchange Commission is monitoring market volatility. After the shock and video game retailer Gamestop surged following encouragement from an online forum. As NPR's Bobby Allen reports the game stop trading frenzy raises questions about possible market manipulation stoked by online discussion groups. More than three million people are more than three million people are part of the community. Wall Street bets on the site Reddit. That's where droves of amateur stock market traders combined their collective power to invest in stocks that to some are nostalgic BlackBerry, the movie chain AMC and the Retailer Game stop. The idea was to pump up stocks that institutional investors thought would drop. It sent Wall Street into a frenzy market. Desa was a securities lawyer, everyone being at home and day trading because of co bed And then you know these sites being largely unregulated. I could see that confidence turning into something that will be become a regulatory focus. A destined says the question now is whether the massive trades amount to market manipulation. Bobby Allen, NPR NEWS, San Francisco President Biden Wednesday signed a number of executive actions to combat climate change, including one halting oil and glass leasing on federal lands and waters. The moratorium, though, does not apply to areas administered by tribal nations. The mountain West News bureaus Savannah Mar has more The administration issued the clarification after the chairman of the Ute Indian tribe called the moratorium a direct attack on tribal sovereignty. Stephen Fast tourists of the Northern Arapaho Business Council says tribes have a lot of steak like that would impact all of US oil and gas tribes. Pretty bad. It would cripple us. He says. Oil and gas revenue pays for social services on the window of a reservation in Wyoming, and unlike state and local governments, his tribe doesn't have a tax base to fall. Back on The issue is Thorne here for indigenous climate activists who would like to see tribes divest from the fossil fuel industry? For NPR News. I'm Savannah Mar In Albuquerque, U. S futures contracts were trading in mixed territory. The Dow futures contract up slightly You're listening to NPR news. First vote has crossed the finish line in the solo around the world Bond, a Globe sailing race, NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports. The grueling competition is known as the Mount Everest of Sailing. French skipper's Sharlee Dylan completed the Vonda Globe in 80 days, six hours, 15 minutes.

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