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They're doing an old man will get. Yeah yeah and it's not on stitcher an audible icing so probably got paid for it. Yeah probably yeah. I've been seeing. You know things like the ones. I'm sicher eventually gave them to us for that. That's the thing it's like. I'm happy to listen to an ad. Yeah i fire okay. I will listen to an ad why wonder to pay for my my thing. I got to watch chapter in. America does too soon today again. Because i was saying that i have had let the ads role. I don't mind. I wonder if they do that eventually. They did that with stitcher. Those other ones they put him. They put him up on stitcher. You had to pay for them. And then eventually they Some free with ads in. And i'm sure a lot of people i mean i'm sure some people pay for it to listen to it right away but of course you know it's it's a comic book is a comic book universe. Podcasts i think the the intranet frenzy over it is gonna be a lot less than in generally available saas. and maybe. They're trying to do something here. I don't know so. I'm just waiting for the non fungible tokens coming to digital then s. When things really start to go crazy. Ooh i'm every detroit. Download is its own. Non fungible token the. I might have to let you know. I might be able to listen to the old man star wars. Podcast oh. I don't know if because i have a siriusxm account because they do podcast now too. So yes actually it's on sirius. Xm that's what you have to pay for it. Okay okay. I have an account account. So yes so i can listen to yell at you know because someone was told me about this at work. I guess there is a bunch of a yelich bunch of famous names or like part of this. That's the thing is like right now. All those billions of dollars at the billion billionaires have it's actually in liquid investment capital sewing all these entertainment companies to pay millions of dollars to name talent to come and do voice over work which is really hurting the voiceover work economy in. Its own way but home. So i know russel's you say no that's common theory. We think more. Mcu tv's related. The can we yeah. We said that it's like they're probably. They're probably preserving that secret time. Line to make sure ken comes about. I mean that's one theory or that. The three timekeepers or king. Rama in mortis or possibly Crimson and then rama tut is gonna say his attack from the flanks aside universe. 'cause that's that's how that works. I mean i i was. I read some of the vendors forever that mini series that basically cleaned up caught nudie in that. Because that's where like was at a mortices like basically you know us time or whatever to copy jim hammons body so yes body was the human torch and remain the human torch but there was also a copy of it that became the vision or they actually separated hanging amortised. So it's like hangs like. I don't have to be that eighty it anymore. Ha technically he never had to. He had to make a choice not to be him but he's like. Oh that's what my dad doesn't have to be like destiny anymore. 'cause you know yeah i. It's like it's well. You did something similar to Iron lad and the what's the what's that series called with the forgetting what they called it. The it was originally all the mutants who came in were very the very versions but they had like they had like rebecca barnes in the head kamala khan in it but only old kamala khan i remember getting what they called that series exile exile talking s and because they were all the time variance of together to do. You basically go on suicide missions. It was great and One of them was iron. Lead in ireland's curse was that he had to relive becoming tang. 'cause much like paying that wanted to be mortis ironclad. Didn't want to be. Chang who fun facts is that there is another variant of ireland where he is team tang and that is the one that doctor doom manipulates along with the juvenile Anaylyst to become ultimate doom. that Eventually you know monaco. The magic and the f. ash that was an earth with the future foundation essentially owns. That's the allred's but so that's a good one know that's always one of my favorites. Every time he everytime gets beat up. That's that's always my favorite. And that issue ask you to go out loud. But everybody s february thirty. Didn't care about that but Tribunal gives them the curse that you will get a mark upon your face every time you hurt another human being and yeah i was reading vendors forever and the some that like that west coast avengers software looks like the scarlet witch when evil basically a mortis And again now. When i think it was like yeah yeah the timekeepers task mortis with preserving the timeline that brought about the the time keepers. So maybe it's maybe this is them preserving their own time line. who knows. I'm in that make sense in some right to like well. We only come forward. It's worth and maybe that's maybe they're going to deal with the time twisters in this because is a universe in which the timekeepers that's another book that predates the actual introduction of the timekeepers. Where the time. Christians were introduced. Have to look that up. But the idea is that something went horribly wrong in the creation of the time keepers and that created the time twisters. And maybe at the time moore talking about you know what can kings a minor inconvenience you don't chain is like you know he's he's a human from earth who has a time when sheep. Yes we know. Those exists sometimes are problematic sometimes not more or less but the time twisters or what we're trying to prevent coming to existence will maybe do variation on. At the time. I get fracture in timekeepers. Become carrying mortis enrollment. Who knows what they're gonna do. That's the fun of shows we only got three episodes last. I know at the time of this recording. Shouldn't be to this twenty years in the future but not what is this. Low key show they talk about. It was a marvel comics. What is this thing can be like an mc season one a fifteen. I was so glad when they replaced. tom allen. Cummings such a brilliant idea. I come coming coming obama. Loki the real loki. You i mean the whole thing with Sylvie us like you know being ordered jump bodies. Is this going to be our way of you. Know recasting lok. You're always gonna have. He's gonna be like doctor who failed. Recast loki as different people. Best aren't doctor. Doom no.

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