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Bayarea air quality management district spokesperson lisa fasano says the smoke is being pushed up over the fog the fog is acting as a protective blanket for us keeping the fall out of the region and that's helpful people have experienced or have seen ash that's falling down from that smoke above the falls fasano has some tips on how to clean up that ash especially if it's on your car or porch asking is that people sweep them and create more deaths that they just use water or soapy water to wash down their patios and their sidewalks and their benches so that we can keep that dust from in training into the air national weather service meteorologist jim matthew says wind should push the smoke further inland over the next few days wednesday all the winds will be shifting to the south west both at the surface and a law and that will allow the smoking spread into the interior valley up into this year cal fire says no injuries have been reported and no structures have been destroyed carrie hodousek kcbs does the people who live in the hunters point bayview area of san francisco or joining a lawsuit related to the controversial cleanup of the old shipyard there kcbs reported exuberance as they want the company whose workers falsified data to be held responsible the hunters point residents in their attorneys were turned back as they tried to serve their twenty seven billion dollar lawsuit on tetra tech had its market street office attorney charles bonner says the two tetra tech employees in prison for lying about removing radioactive soil from the shipyard should not be the only ones held accountable switched clean dirt and left the radioactive dirt in the ground because the manages on high instructed them to do it the plaintiffs claim they're suffering cancer asthma and other health problems caused by shipyard contamination and they've been lied to about the cleanup company spokesman sam singer calls the lawsuit baseless and without merit the doctoring of any data was addressed by tetra tech in the navy and other regulatory agencies in the shipyard is clean to the standards set by the navy on the twenty two percent that tetra tech was responsible for cleaning up but there are now over two thousand people joining the case against the cleanup company in san francisco doug solving kcbs just ahead on kcbs i'm melissa colorado at the berkeley marina where a few dozen people living in our have been given at least a week before they need to clear out jerry brown is back with more kcbs traffic we've got roadwork getting started in several spots around the bay area some of it is going on of course on the altamont pass westbound five eighty you're going to be slow tonight between the railroad tracks and northland road there's the big paving project there that's ongoing for a long long time yet northbound eight eighty sing a little slow stuff through writer maori avenue looks like we've got some roadwork beginning there and in hercules i know cal trans is planning to be out in that eighty highway eighty hi way for interchange tonight right now i don't see any delays through there but that can get kind of sticky northbound highway one through pacifica also the sight of some roadwork this evening look out for a hazard on the nimitz freeway southbound eight eighty just before industrial looks like it's a stalled car taking up the second lane from the left and in san jose northbound one zero one before tully road right in the middle lane there's a stalled car kind of blocking your way eight eighty s yeah eight eighty southbound looks good through fremont it's northbound that is slow your next traffic update at nine eighteen on the traffic leader kcbs.

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