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And. Welcome to security on the by you. I'm your host, Chris Adkins, and they're. A recap of today's Security News, and why it matters to you. Good morning friends. It is Monday, April twenty ninth. This is security on the bio, let's get things kicked off today with a oracle from SE magazine US by Doug Olympic credential, stuffing, bigger and better than ever. Obviously credential stuff has been around for a long time but recorded future he should report this week talking about the resurgence of it for few reasons. One of them is automation, which makes perfect sense automating everything these days and not just the automation here, but they have developed not day. Cute. Record future has not the bad guys have belts tools that can do multiple sites at once. So not only are you just hitting one you're hitting a bunch and you're doing very fast near automating. So you've seen a resurgence in it so much so that a single account that used to sell for ten dollars is now down to one or two dollars. Very interesting that this is come back, and this has been seen in the wild. If you will so go check out this article recurred recorded future also called out a few different tools that have been used some interesting names of these tools, obviously, you can totally came from by the names. But also, some prices there's one on hair private Keefer sells for forty nine rubles Russian rubles, which is approximately sixty four cents. So not exactly a high barrier to entry on this. Okay. Next from ZD net article entitled who will major Android app. Developer from store from Kentucky massive add this one is by Charlie Osborne. So they kicked out over forty apps by Chinese developer over the weekend. In here. Let me get want to make sure I get this. Right. The name of the company or the developer is DO global which is in part owned by by do. So a very big connection there for this developer. So they ripped a bunch of their applications off the Google play store for using adware in essentially, click fraud within the adware within the obligation. So it was quite quite a feud ended up being at the end of the day over one hundred applications that they removed with six hundred million installs quite a few. I'm sure they made a few few bucks on that deal. Global released a statement. Of course, they're quote, unquote. Sorry, they're gonna look into their practices. But we know how that next a crash course in car shop by Josh Josh on get this left. Go with this is an interesting article, this isn't necessarily going to make you a an expert on karting in how the. Underground card shops work, but it's a great primer. You're all human. So you understand good customer service. So that that part won't come visit surprise here. They do refunds, you know. There's all kinds of different things. But I think what I really enjoyed about this article is some of the terminology appreciations entail as that are used for instance, B, I N being identification number and then also like the difference in a dump versus a card so and then obviously C M P, which I previously nude car not present, THAAD, which is very common. So some good detail here recommend you read, this sort of prime you on, you know, some things that are going on specially for the financial services, or, you know, you work for one of these companies take a look at this should be hopefully, something you already know. But at at to your wallet of excuse me, editor your toolbox of tools, and then the last one for the day on a bit of a lighter note, this one actually came up last week chose skip over, but I see it came back up on my feet. So I had to. To bring it back up. This one's by Matt Novak Gizmodo dot com. Lime scooters hacked to say sexual things to writers. Australia obviously lime is not very happy about this. But frankly, find it pretty fun. Like, here's one of the things don't take me around because I don't like to be ridden. Which is a little silly. Let's see here. No. When customers ended a ride with the hack scooters voice box said, no where you go. According to yet another video posted before line. Learn about the hack, and then this is what they said. It's not smart. It's not funny in its Kintu to changing ringtone. I also find changing people's ringtones, very funny. So nice trying them they tried to play to the maturity of people, which we all know will not work. So very interesting article once again on Gizmodo dot com, your laugh of the day in the hacking world, thank you for joining us. This has man security on the by you, April twenty ninth Monday.

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