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You find in your house when you convince your children colleges overrated so you don't wanna go to school remain ignorant i got a ticket and i gotta tell you to me the police are getting lazier that's all i'm going to tell you i was speeding i'm not gonna fight the ticket but a porsche shot past one hundred at least one hundred i was doing eighty porsche i see the lights in the mirror and i'm laughing because like you would be laughing because you know the porsche is going to get a ticket imagine my surprise when i got pulled over and i said that the policeman didn't you see that porsche and he actually said to me i was after the porsche then you showed up and he said to me what moron doesn't slow down for a cop and i do speed i know that i've been patient i know it i was dealing with in therapy but who can listen to that stuff for write it down let me go and nothing ties traffic more than a cop doing fifty five come on we've all been there you're driving along and all of a sudden you grind to a halt you wonder what is going on and there's a policeman up there and there's two hundred cars behind the cop in perfect formation and as soon as he gets off an exit ramp is like the indy five hundred out there oh daddy's gone and every time i get caught speeding i get a policeman who wants to chat with me for whatever reason they never let me off the ticket i don't have a face that gets off tickets.

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