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Not a fire fight easily who sees barely ammo is not an issue. firing. so these are they you know they're not they're not firing. Saudi crewman or anything so the the significant thing is that none of the vehicles are damage or burning they look like they were just abandoned and adjust them that the Saudis the owners of the vehicle just walked away from them so we'll we'll get into this this time once that you understand about this because there is there's been a big couple stories coming out about Iran today run it is number one backer of the Hutu militia so who are the who sees when we come back here in just a second to give me that some of the history of this and how significant because if this is true then bottom line up front if this is true this is a significant embarrassment for the Saudis they they Hey there are two separate standalone military forces a Saudi National Guard who basically are the kings bodyguard effectively and then the the Saudi army they pay a lot of money for these guys and yes it is true many of them are foreign nationals and their commitment to dying for Saudi Arabia may not exactly be that robust we might be of finding out but does so anyway the the the Saudis who have been given into the into the hood these from the air for years and years and years just have failed again and again and again on the ground to these guys these mountain man wearing Blazers and sandals but backed by Iranian supplied anti tank missiles and on that sort of thing all right it is the dark secret place your weekly look at the war on terror and some some stuff heating up tonight as I say in on the Arabian peninsula and in centrifuges in Iran according to Reuters tonight we'll get to that I would have to we'll talk about Ukraine because you're going to be hearing a lot about this I want to help you separate what exactly is going on it's it's fairly what I've deemed javelin gate. is a proven to be pretty complex for the American media they can't quite grasp this but you will when when I'm done with you you will it is an article place branches back in just a second que vai A. M. six forty live everywhere on the I heart radio Michael should pay for the news. an off duty born of park police officer has reportedly been killed in a crash with a semi truck this happened just after five this morning on the ninety one freeway in corona bees have formed a couple of people in banning one person have more than a hundred things that have to be taken by ambulance to a hospital well what I what prompted the attack at around twelve thirty this afternoon on east Indian school lane friends of family paying tribute to a forty two year old Sikh American sheriff's deputy shot and killed during a traffic stop near Houston the police call an ambush.

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