Steven Yates, Vp Dick Cheney, Capitol Police discussed on Dana Loesch


Sure, what her intentions are the most respect for speaker Pelosi. But I think this is wrong approach should be taking right now approach the approach by saying we're gonna shut this down and not have because of security. I think our staff, and I spoke to the capitol police, I think there's still in place, and they're still getting paid. Well, that's Joe Manchin said, yeah, this back and forth. My goodness. You know that there's going to be a Pelosi presser at some point. That's senator. Manchin senior wasn't the best thing for her to for her to do that. What gets me is that Steny Hoyer was telling Chad pergram that well, it's petty and it's small and it's been dictated to cancel the trip. But she cited security and the shutdown when she was talking about canceling the state of the union, but apparently wasn't concerned enough about security in their shut down because they continue to for their trip use of military aircraft security support all of this. I mean, I it's the same shutdown. It shows I think that she lied. I'm very interested in Steven Yates is take on this. And of course to discuss that terror attack in Syria. Steven Yates is a foreign policy expert previously advised. Former VP Dick Cheney he was there during the Bush administration handling all sorts of stuff. And he is now with. DC international advisory. Stephen always good to talk with you. So this all developed obviously in the past couple of hours. What is your take on this back this back and forth? She says she's gonna cancel the state of the union. She cited security s says, actually that's not true. So now, he says you can fly commercial, but you're not using military aircraft. And all of this stuff to go on this. What has been called by some a press? Junket your thoughts. Well, I think there's quite of the.

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