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Both guys run a four two something, right? So why is one guy a perennial Pro Bowl receiver and the other guy was a third receiver at best and didn't really pan out and didn't have the best career. It's the ability to not get run off the route down the field, right? Being able to hail kind of handle contact finish through contact and really be a physical player, even if you're not like physical in the sense of Devante Parker and Nikhil Harry. It's about being able to run through contact and then get up the field and allow your strides in your speed to take over because jams contact in the first 5 yards. That stuff doesn't slow you down. That doesn't anchor you from going up the field. That's the biggest difference between hill is a physical presence. Like he can get off the line. He can get into you. He can handle physicality down the field. He can fight off physicality down the field. And that allows him to run away from people. Guys like Philip d'Orsay or other players like that that have had great speed, but have struggled in the NFL. The main reason why they struggle is because of physicality. And I think what taekwon that's the concern is not necessarily about his long-term outlook in that respect, but as a rookie, keeping it there is, is he going to be able to run through people? Is he going to be able to finish through contact? Is he going to be able to use his speed to the best of his ability without being inhibited by the speed bumps in front of him? And I don't know if he's going to get there right away as a rookie. I think that that might be a developmental thing that we'll see in your two, three, four. Could he be a guy that stretches the field right away? Yeah, I think he can stretch the field right away, but I don't know if he's going to necessarily be somebody that's going to have a high volume of catches until he develops his frame a little bit more. Sure. Okay, the only reason I brought the Nikhil Harry numbers up is because they're going to get brought up. One way or the other. They're going to.

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