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Warn everyone welcome in to another edition of the trademark. Show a podcast. That is not about me this about all of us. The twenties are a crucial time in our lives. And on this show we navigate the highs and lows of early adulthood together subaru excited for today's episode. Because i'm having a very special guests joining the show. Her name is alissa lang. She's twenty seven years old a lot of the listeners. Those podcasts probably aren't the biggest sports fancy. Probably don't know who she is but you will know who she is after this conversation that we have so for those of you who don't know like i said she's twenty seven. She works at espn. She works specifically on the sec. Network the sec. The southeastern conference. This is the big college football conference. This alabama kentucky ole miss. lsu georgia. This is hands down the best college football conference in so everyone goes gung ho over as football so the fact that she works for the sec network is one of the faces of sec network is a big deal because the sec network is like the bible in the south where college football is king so elissa is her face. Her voice are prevalent in many households in the south and throughout the country but predominantly in the south. So she host. Tv shows called thinking out loud sec. Now she has her own show called out of pocket which is kind of built around her own personality which are going to hear a lot about her personality today. She is very different. She's very cool. She's very unique. She very much leans into who she is. And i love her for that and the back story here so i know elissa in so unfortunately we cross paths at espn at the very end so as to see now is a is a branch of espn essentially so she is in espn employees. She was also doing some radio shows on. Espn radio now. As many of the listeners know i was at espn radio for the last couple months Of my.

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