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Lineup which is freshly made salads sandwiches yogurt parfait as wraps and many other great items that we have the second harvest ceo lese baccio says this partnership should result in three hundred thousand meals year populations we serve they live very stressful is they often don't have access to very nutritious food so having these salads and sandwiches and high quality items from starbucks items that don't need to be prepared is a great way especially for families that are really struggling maybe working two jobs even still struggling to be able to stay here having this already prepared food is a great convenient way to access nutritious items does aa why colgan kcbs access to a beach in san mateo county is about to a bit easier with tunitas creek beach county parks to open in the coming years he cbs's margie shave reports however the struggle for beach access continues just down the road to nita's creek beaches a stunning whitesand mile long stretch of beach home the bird line with cliffs on the north end it's funny multipronged effort to begin to enable access to the beach assisted by five million dollars in the new state budget state senator jerry hill it's not an accident that we can come together with great collaboration the money will be used to restore the environment bill beach facilities and allow access to the beach by first responders mardi tedesco is with the peninsula open space trust and if it weren't for the support of our local donors and organizations like the gordon and betty moore foundation we could not have moved so quickly.

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