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Go fuck yourself and I actually have to address my barb eater so I need a new tire and that really well. Maybe I don't think I need a new to me. Say this is full spectrum. Cycling show number fifty three. I am fifty three right shutting last week. We're year old or sneaking up on how old I am already. Oh freaky you're gonNA have Zito on the show. Last week was mine and I didn't even put together that I had like fifty four to seven. We'RE GONNA call Zito at six thirty but it's passed that and that was only because Birdie was still on. I Miss Jeopardy because of this and then they get here and even ready. Well you had to change a tire but or to buy should say boy. His bacter- needs changing too. So he'll be back. That's what we do here at The old everyday cycle shop Help folks out when we can notwithstanding that nobody can come into the store at this particular time. You can leave your bike outside. You can lock it up and push your through this out just like everybody does. When they're getting their car work done indeed. I mean you go to the dealer you. If they're not open you throw it in the envelope and you push it through the slot and you say. Call me when you're ready kind of how it works now. If you want to buy a bike you can do that online. Can even deliver to your house without ever stepping foot in the shop because guess what Kent Steff Win. The shop been reading a lot of shops around the country this week in what they're doing and this is just kind of the way it is for now creative ways of addressing the situation at this point which. I mean hats off to the world Accident in situations probably not GonNa last forever. But it's GonNa last in Wisconsin at least for another thirty days minimum or no everything will be fine by eastern guy across the table over there by the way I believe. We're a a a a social distance away from. I'm six feet away from you mouth. Oh Yeah Yeah. He's standing. He's stanway back by the Wyatt..

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