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How surprised can we really big but let me just go. 'cause charge you get emmy spicy about these people and let me now. Let's get into you. Know my favorite lacy and then you're on first of all. I just love me. My shane shane shift. I loved shane. Spring came over. The bill barr with the ones who've he was like he wanted to beer ashamed. After that tom you know i got caught up cheating with lacey. I don't wanna drink no more. I just thought. I just love everything about shane because shane is really a child. So young here we get to watch him grow up and you know i don't know whether or not if he really can provide for lacy But they seem to be able to make it work and whether or not if his job is paying not only fans is paying. He needed. Lower prices a little bit. Nobody paying us ninety nine for you. Shang shang need to make a four ninety nine ninety nine thumb. Ooh ooh i. You know it's working out now. But john is out so you know is working for now but john. John is on the scene. So i i'm not convinced and go ahead go ahead knobs wants to say so we see john gets how the last that we saw john was that lindsay had her lindsay child get her name out mile out sh lacy hadn't heard from him and i bet they had gotten into a fight and i can't remember if i can't really remember what because this has happened like three or four times. But she was like looking for him head heard from them. She was crying and then she called the police station. They said the ataman custody now. John gets out and see. This is the thing john he don't look that bad for me but it's just john q. U. s. t. For me click. Shame okay shane. John a great shame. No beer leno okay. Okay pull on it while he's talking you about how he's going to hold a baby. I cannot shake we watch. Shane grow up. It's cute however i felt like lacey. Lacey was tuning him out. He's like you know. I want to play catch with her. She's like i was buying. You have no idea what's coming. That's what she was looking at him like. You have no idea what's about to hit you. I know She is alive so john gets out and john. Is you know he is happy to be out. He wants to start his life over. But john tells us this story. That lady called the police or him. I don't think i don't press the ball. You driving drunk so either way like like what do you mean. Driving high and drunk john stopping. You need to face your addiction. But john does say that lacey can never be with a man for long period. Tom and that he did say that. And that's why. She's always cheating on shane now. I love my girl easy. But i know there's no way to know book what history has shown us is that lacey has had a history of being with john and then she was shane and then she was with john now. She's back with shade. So i think that pattern is what causes raise for alarm now. I think she's pregnant and shane or bringing a baby into the world and i do believe after seeing them sort of mend fences that she does want to make her marriage work but the temptation of john wasn't there because he was in jail and so now john is out and john c the main thing i think the main reason and i know blaze's goods but the main reason that her john aren't together is because of his drugs. We'll see so but then but that doesn't mean you don't love somebody right so i believe she still loves him. I agree and i believe that the second shane makes her mad or the actual fight. Yeah in john pops up your going. Gonna be popping backup on giants. So that's the one thing and for me. That's when i get mad at. Because i'm like stopped doing shane like this. We'll and that's the thing. And how were they see. This is where tornadoes start to happen. Because then it's like there's so many emotions and feelings involved and john you know i don't think he was he. He looks broken to me. He looks so hurt. John mcdevitt lovely fee to just as much as lethal loves him and because john hates shame so much he's gonna forever try to get at least and this is not a healthy or safe for right now and mind you. He knows lacey so he knows she's going to get mad at a point of time. Yeah so if he can you just tax and say hey or if he keeps that line of communication open yet one slip one wine. We'll just one just one. Shane doesn't do shane to wanna wake up. And take care of the baby john. Ooh right there. Because you know john is going to be in her text messages. You know he was sitting there talking about his. His friend told him she's not good for you bro. She's not and he just kept bit because he loves her. That's the only thing keeping them. Apart is his substance abuse issues. That is not enough for her to stay away from him. I hope this. I want the best for them. I hope this child they moved forward. You know. I am really proud of shane. And how he's integrated himself back into the real world. You know he's working. He's providing he's joe. Don't don't get a he. He's parenting these three children of labor day at twenty two. I think he's doing an amazing job. So i would feel bad for them if they didn't last. But you know. I just feel like it's just there's something about is kind of the same thing with sarah and mike. It's like that old school. Love that that thing that you can never let go. And i do believe that lacy will end up with john i do i do. I don't know if she'll end up john. I do believe you'll have sm- multiple slip-ups with now wait on the father of any of those. No no he's not. The father of any of the kids thought he was a father. The youngest design. And that's another thing where and then we know that the key the father of the two kids. He's like a locked up so a child at first of all this is also what i wanna know. Where lacey dad at this season okay. 'cause i love lacey dan john where john okay yes he was in it..

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