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This is the global news podcast from the bbc world service i've got a responder sohn and at thirteen hours gmt on friday the first of june these are our main stories spain's prime minister mariana hoy has been ousted in a new confidence vote in parliament of his party was implicated in a major corruption scandal hundreds of people in china have been detained on accusations of dumping waste into the yangtze river and being involved in the legal mining of sand the world health organization has called for more action to prevent an epidemic of non communicable diseases responsible for more than seventy percent of deaths globally also in this podcast the surface of pluto is extremely cold minus two hundred thirty degrees centigrade also and these junes quite surprising because the atmosphere of pluto it's also very tenuous very thin scientists have found evidence of huhne's on the dwarf planet pluto but we start in madrid spanish mp's applaud the end of marianne to hoy's government after they choose to us him and his party in a new confidence vote it was triggered by a longrunning corruption scandal involving members of mr aho's centreright popular party the socialist leader pedro sanchez is now prime minister and outlined the challenges his government faces ladies first job is to transform and modernize our country which the socialist party has always done when it is governed and secondly to attend the pressing social needs of many people who is suffering from inequality pedro sanchez will be spain's seventh prime minister since its return to democracy in the late nineteen seventies falling the dictatorship of francisco franco i'll start correspondent jim madrid guy hedge co for more on mr sanchez forty six year old economist from grade he came leader as a party in two thousand fourteen he's had quite a bumpy ride during his relatively short political career he was ousted from the policy and twenty sixteen after the general election of that year because he refused if his support to marry under a holies conservative government and then he came back and became leader again defying its position in his own party so he's seen as something of a survivor resilient figure he's.

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