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Obviously. I'd probably rather have C J Anderson them kid because they're about the same price. I would too. But it is interesting. It's tough like, but I think there's a lot of inconsistency with how hot players get. So I always think that somebody else that is next line for a breakout game. What do you think about gronk? You know, he had a good game last week. But gin this season's been very poor for him. And I just don't six thousand price seems too much. Honestly, I know it's a live and targets last week though. That's a big number. But the thing is they put them one on one. They were taking advantage of a one on one opportunity. I don't think they're gonna have him go one this game. Yeah. I really like Josh Reynolds. I'll be honest with you. Josh Reynolds has at least seven targets in five of his last eight games. If you get seven targets that's pretty good fifty four hundred price tag. I like that could be interesting there for such a cheap price. What do you think about Josh Reynolds? I like him. But I don't think he's gonna get a lot of touches. I don't think it's good. A lot of. Attempts passes to him. I think he's going to be like a second or third option type guy. Don't think he's gonna be able to get the ball lot due to that. I don't think he's gonna be a first guy in any of the plays. They run. And golf likes to go to his first option more times than not. Yeah. So yeah, I don't really have any other one shop plays. I mean, obviously, there's only there's only a handful not even a handful of players. But if you got to pick one of these defense's to have the most points of the two who would you pick? Would it be the pass rush of the Rams causing problems? Or would it be the inexperience Jared Goff against the patriots defense? What is more trust? What do you trust trust that defensive line more? I Erin Donald over Jared Goff is basically what I'm saying. Just a monster. We saw him. He's thanos. He's basically Thanos in human skin. Are you worried about Jared goff's first time playing in the Super Bowl? In my what are you worried about a worry? I've been worried this whole this whole plans because he's humor eat less knowing that you weigh one against breeding his first round. And also Nick foles is first time last year. He killed it. But they were having good postseason performances before then he has not had good postseason performances for them. Before. Then is what I'm saying. I don't know, man. I think that the passing will be disrupted. I think the patriots passing you'll be a little bit disrupted. I just here in Donald and the Dunkin Suman on their best day. Good luck. And as good as a patriots have been only eleven percent of the time as Brady VIN pressured on drawbacks of this postseason, which is incredibly low. Something just tells me they're going to have to throw the ball. Little bit more. The Rams are going to rush the passer a little bit more pin those ears back and get to Brady fluster little bit. We know that when you get to him. You can't move away. You know, he's really good at getting rid of the ball. But when he doesn't he's a sitting deck back there. Yeah. And sitting duck is perfect term. Yeah. So let's go back. I mean, obviously, we've given our picks for the for the players what we think will happen. Going in the next season is Jared Goff top five quarterback in fantasy drafts. Top five overall pick. But top five quarterback picked in next year season-long fantasy. Well, I'm actually kind of glad you is. Because I had the leaders for points this season. He's up there finished. But yeah. But he was before the end of the season he was like in the top three or four before the last couple of weeks because he kisses the Ray Lucia from week warning to seventeen he's number eight in front of him or Mahomes..

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