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Tell us the out through a skull we're i think is interesting is europe give you tell me if i'm wrong but it seems like you really are able in a production to capture the human side the the emotional side so you i i'll use jerry maguire since is the least i am bird examples everyone thinks jerry maguire as is want is one of the best sports films of all time but i always say it's not a sports films lovestory that's why did so well in its in the backdrop of sports football very popular sport for you i see when i'm watching your production throughout the years and i'm old enough to have seen him all or the ones that we know these 25 years it'll you really capture that b roll you know there's this build up the story and sometimes a promoters take advantage of probably your story line and how does that developing 'cause i know you're touching on this goes wrong this cologne do you actually consciously no that in produce it or is it just something that comes naturally to you while you yvette the subjects you look for the warren lines look for something that's going to be interesting to the viewer you look for something that's going to be a subplot to the con test that uh gives people reason to be invested in this beyond just team versus team fighter versus fighter so give me some of this sub the subthemes or or sub context for you'll give me five fights from the mayweather pack out of a greater give me what you saw the beginning in and started to prepare for that i'll give you you want that one in particular or even get well are the boss one s one it's particularly interesting as uh wales santa cruz and carl frampton uh two feather way champions uh a fought twice uh the first contest uh frampton was moving up to feather way he'd been a a junior featherweight titleholder santa cruz was undefeated santa cruz father who trained him since he was a boy uh was battling cancer and was unable to be at the camp the entire time he did.

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