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Houston police department Houston fire department we've got I got finalize we've got because I've got a, bunch of them out there I know Mark Harmon one of. Our constables there several constables and I'm not sure, if Conroe PD is in yet but I know, there was a conversation being held with them fort bend county sheriff's department is. Hiring Houston Rockets unclear if, you get any. Floor time or not you might. Have to clean. The aisles and take. Tickets and stuff like that But one of. The benefits like if we're way up on, somebody it. Maybe they let you come in that was always, my thing, you know, I'm not asking, my hamstring, is hurt me, right now so I I would have to kind of cherry. Pick I can't run, both ends of the floor but I just I don't see why they can't let that would, be a crowd pleaser let me come in like fifteen seconds. Left I'm not going down to play defense because, Miami, will not I'm still in a very much, a slow rebuilding process I don't want to talk a lot about it but Anyway so I just I'd be the. Guy because everybody is saying that guy the, guy who. Doesn't play defense and in the minute hardened gets, like Down here Come. Wide open, of course you're wattle meeting come play defense Oh they, already have Carmelo Anthony that's true Are you saying that Melo is playing the role that I could have had? You, said I could have been. That role He plays low post though I I can't I I can't I'm not I don't wanna be overly modest here but I don't see myself posted anybody up in the. NBA Spud. Webb with Spud Webb would go to Cambay Matombo on, me I don't, I don't like my. Chances and gallery furniture gallery. Furniture, hiring ten. People and there. Are sponsor Man you know what I. Think I think that MAC would be, one of the toughest bosses you could work for but a year working for him we taste something you could pretty much do. Anything because. One thing about MAC MAC is not a young man, and he's getting, to the office everyday He's standing behind the counter he is greeting customers he's barking out. Motivational speeches he's writing stuff out. Have you ever watched. Him work it is something to behold. He he he gets these big. Like poster boards and he gets a black sharpie and he'll right out you know the, the motivational speech for the day. And he gives. It to these employ his. Folks it's like a multilevel marketing operation his folks are motivated there are phrases all, around the building it's not just, a furniture store there are phrases all around the building about how work is, divine and work is good and I'm gonna tell you something it's true You sap especially. A man you sap. A grown man 's ability to provide. For his family you take his. Dignity away you take his honor you take his sense of accomplishment man it it's like, a lobotomy you you change that. Man's mindset In reverse you. Give a man an opportunity. To provide to Bill. Did you see this story Ramona's. Last week, I don't think I can. Pull it up in time This this girl wanted a address for the prom And her dad worked. An, extra job or extra hours at his, job I I can't remember which one it was but he bought his daughter the dress and she had no idea that this is going to happen and the reaction and you could. Tell he was so proud that he was able he had made a sacrifice for his. Daughter so that she would have a, prom dress I'll. Play that in the next. Segment that right there that's. What it's all about that's what it's all about young men that are going to prison because their idea of how to get some money or a car or drugs or anything else is to stick a. Gun in somebody's face and take what they have if, somebody could have taught them from. An early age,.

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