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It's not bad. It seems a little hack to me right. I just I just pulled up the sign over here. Six says we have to play the market call when he was in the hospital at some point. Maybe I mean it's hard to believe we've been doing this for almost eight years now. Sure he has an eight year. Well I think Mike is seven years. He didn't sign on right at the beginning. No right I don't know how you guys I consider you guys. Let me be Mike. Well what's might be be? I'm Hey I'm a fly by the just. Don't call me late for supper. That's what I always want higher this four of us. I think I'm doing a great job. You always tell them you're doing great. You're doing great doing great Okay I'll give you one other before we get to the you know. I don't play much songs and the people in here. This is well. We've got a bunch of the good news to get to Redo a Shammar Hammer today. Or Now Yeah we got a hammer and you do all new time's up or we as the Times. Update you up and a phone scam. It gets a little crazy. I'll tell you this so I was again with a couple of guys yesterday afternoon. I'm doing I'm trying to do again. I'm always watching the weight It's been lifelong battle weight watchers Atkins through. We've all the details but I I think I've been up and down over two thousand pounds in six show start. Remember remember what four years ago or three seventy yo-yoing for a while and that can't be healthy. You gotta find a way to. I'm tryin three seventy a couple years ago. Took a couple of weeks off and I had the deviated Septum and then lost. I think in those four or five weeks lost one hundred twenty five pounds when they came back But then go up and down up and down so I'm Gulf my second walk yesterday afternoon and this was with Brian. Actually just the two of us he turns to me and says to me. I mobile having this problem. In the Karma virus may be the only one you can text. You've had this problem as well. Your knee I guess to the text line and we'll read them read. Yeah your nail kind of go through the list at some point says to me and this I mean. Tell me if this.

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