Monti, Monte discussed on Sparkle Stories Podcast - 'Moose Makes a Wish' - from the So Many Fairies Original Audio Story Series


Monti tried to convince him but he couldn't explain why he was that small finally the mouth said listen what's your name monti well monte i'll show you a moves i know where one is and you'll see then he scurried out of the cave and along the rocks monte fallout malindi knew exactly where the mouse was headed and smiled at the idea she knew what would probably happen she followed them as they twisted and turned and headed deeper into the forest until they came to a clearing there were several tall plants that they wound around and then the mouse lead monty onto a rock monti didn't have the clause for grabbing and struggled a bit and tell the mouse grabbed hold of his antlers and pulled him up once he was on top of the rock he looked up and he was amazed for there before him was the pond the pond where he learned to swim with his mother then he heard a splash monte looked over to see that something very big had just gone into the water the waves rippled around the spot and then justice suddenly the pond seemed to a rock to with an enormous creature coming to the surface and monte could see that it was a mousse and that this mousse was his mother now that is a moose said the mouse you see they are huge you sir are not a moose monti did not hear him he kept watching his mother in the water longing to join her.

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