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Their filming of their series? Your comments kid? Ooh. Mark, dos slur. Fox that. He's actually still foxy today. Stocks on that show. What was that was AC right? Yes. Okay. Zach Zach with other one that was in that one movie glow. Pez? Mario up. Woo. That was the last thing she did two seemingly he and Elizabeth Berkley. What was that movie that rocky told me about showgirls? That's it. Rocky Seto says favorite movie. I tell you if you're a true funny story about the movie showgirls, this is back in ninety six. NFL Bill combined. Coach Steve Russell Grasso got arrested. So Saint Xavier high school their summer camp got word that a bunch of the seniors are bunch of the guys on team. We're going to after practice. Go. Check out the premiere of the movie showgirls, and he was none too happy about it. A year yet damn you guys are going out. And you see a soft porn. That's what he kept drilled us with. I'll never Kevin girls. Have not sag of us. Seeing those days you paid attention to coaches. What is so funny movie about the showgirl business willy and was Eliza Berkeley in it? Isn't she? Here's an interesting question. One interesting question. So she thinks at the time look if I take all my clothes off. And I do this kind of sex scene thing discussable launched me into superstardom, boom. She crashed and burned but Kim Kardashian has a sex tape it launches her into the stratosphere showdown. Why does one go up Rachel, Rachel? I'm going to take this one. You got this. Elizabeth Berkley was trying to differentiate herself from the teenage character she played. So if you went to an ultra adult character of a stripper when she was proposed the movie, it was supposed to be a serious in depth roll the hardships of stripper life, which I don't know personally. But you guys might what that entails rocky knows about. Yes, now when she actually when actually made the movie due to budget cuts and her absolutely horrendous acting it just turned into a soft porn now. Kim Kardashian supposedly didn't leak that video. It was stolen somehow are and just made it to the NFL. Excellent answer I've ever heard. Good good. What happened next was mom? Kris Jenner put her on a press tour about how horrible this is. And how much her life was ruined. Right. You guys. Remember that? There's Ryan Seacrest. Our beloved iheart zone. Took her signs that you need to create a TV show about all the craziness that goes into your life because your girls are nuts. And she was like, yeah. That's a great idea. You should produce it. He did. And now, they're all billionaires. Stars aligned. There was the time and the place for such a thing to happen. Where were we would necessarily write a book on that was really good Lisbeth Berkeley, which I liked watching her. I haven't seen showgirls was she naked in that very much. Matt's diamond says, yes. Yeah. Very much naked now. But you're naked Kim Kardashian was naked. Yes. But by different circuit. She played it better than Elizabeth Berkley. Absolutely. Did not choose to be naked lives at Berkeley tried to go too far too fast. From wherever here goody two shoes. Girl, two stripper girl too soon. Not even necessarily too soon. Just wasn't the right project. She failed in picking the correct projects had it been produced. Well, like, she thought it was going to be had she been better actress, maybe.

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