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First of all does have a million price to be to be exact I would say three maybe four. I know there's two black price. There's the Labor Day weekend MLK weekend, which was segregating black and white prior to which is problem number one. And then we have the white pride which is the one that we just did the has the parade. The only one with the parade in every single city has is white pride. I think the reason personally is just just because I mean, Atlanta is the gay capital of the south. I mean, I feel I feel like in every way we we're just going to celebrate in party. Why we have all the government officials. I don't know. I mean because predominantly Alanna place, but it's playing that to me how to land of all the cities in the south becomes just kind of the gay capital gay mecca where everybody just kind of has to be. I couldn't go to make a major city. I mean, you're not going to make. Try to make it big and get your name out there. There's a lot of personality's coming into Atlanta to make it known who they are. And it's the Hollywood. Yes, the high. It's literally is listening to the one of the biggest cities in the south of me. You can't Miami. Miami's not as big as. Is literally this is this is the south city. But what's and that's always interesting to me. Why people think you come to Atlanta to make it? Meanwhile, most folks come here with no plan, no idea, and they end up, you know, living in swat somewhere trying to get by versus their hopes and dreams and aspirations before the LGBT guy, I'm going to summarize for all my people in the other acronyms, we're to summarize the LGBTQ was many of them. Don't leave a right there. Are we going to pass that? But so why was it land to feel like such an accepting place? Where there's not that stigma that you will get with other places in the south again. Like, I said, it's you is the biggest city by being by having so much diversity. It's just more open minded kind of places everywhere else in the south. There's literally one mind frame one coach typically wants to move to a place either you're going to have to fit in or you or you're gonna be excluded. Atlanta's one of those places where it is diverse. It's you can have your own mind. Because everybody is from everywhere is literally the melting pot of the south. Well, you know, it's interesting because a lot of people feel that the LGBTQ community hasn't surpassed the black community as far as power and political influence that you, you know, politicians have no problem tearing down a black neighborhood, or you know. Sains saying or doing things that are discriminatory derogatory towards the black community. But they would not dare transgress the gay community. Remember when they had the eagle raid, maybe a decade ago and the whole city shut down when the police officers raided the the American Eagle gay bar nightclub where wherever you call it. But meanwhile, we'll have rates like that all the time on the black side of town. And nobody says anything why what how have they been able to gain so much power influence so quickly what the thing about it is? And I hate to just strictly go with race. But if the gay community was just black. I'm sorry. Influence. You know, what I mean because we have the I'm just gonna go ahead and say Caucasian, people that are more influence in the community that that's it's more power in it. I mean, like I said back to the whole pry things black pride. There's two there's the Labor Day, and as the MLK in Atlanta, they don't get as much recognition. They don't even have a parade. They literally shut down the city for what's considered white pride. We hope parade. There's there's all these sponsored events and all this stuff is because the majority the white power is involved. So you're saying there's just as much intersectional racism in the gay community as there is in the straight community that Luli every single city every every every major city that has a pride has white pride. What's considered white pride in actually is white pride is not call white price? Just call gay pride. Then black Friday. It's called black Friday every single major city segregated still exists. One hundred percent in the gay community. Accepted. Was there anything because it seems like whenever something happens for the community black folks are expected to get online and be part of that and fight for their rights. Something happens in the black community are in the black gay community Ewing sitting on these rich white gay guys riding in and their mini Coopers to try to help us. So that was nothing done about that. Because they can get away with ignoring something like that. I mean. I think in the gay community when. The gay community gets attacked as far as blacks coming to the rescue. I mean, there are white gays as well being involved as well. So they need to speak up and something needs to be done to. But with the black community. I mean, white Nancy something I'm in the black community. You're not gonna say anything because they can get away with. I mean, honestly, A B module. Of course, they don't know the guy. He sounds a little Gabe. He straight. So for me like I mean, I'm the gay guy in the room, and I've been to a lot of different states and CDs and been involved with the gay community. And I don't see where a lot of. White people really get involved with the black gay community. I think the exact same is two different wars is the strait is the strait and black and white war. And it's still gateway like my war. And so on on that point not to dig too, deeply when it comes down to the line when it comes down to you have an issue between the black community and the gay community. Where would you find yourself form your lions came down? Like we bought the fight. We bought rumble. Yeah. Pick aside what Saudi pick picking. So this this this is my thing. And I think this is where black has always been big before the whole Black Panther movement. And and and I'm just gonna choose a black in general for me. I feel like I'm just I'm just the peacemaker. I literally choose gay as gay and black as a people obviously want. I mean, I'm on both sides. But when it came to pick one one or the other laid the rumbled by to go down picking one does not wanna because I'm both. Okay. We'll talk more about this. After break. We're gonna go to the phone lines. Call him four four eight nine two two seven zero three news and talk thirteen eighty W A. Okay. Too much too. Okay. You're listening to the best of.

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