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Sports radio on twitter. You can write us at Finebaum. I'm joined by my one of my co host and a good friend and somebody who is always enjoys doing this. Finebaum show with me drew Franklin drew how are you. I'm wonderful. I'm like you. I love doing this love the callers I do not now let me I want to give you all a little behind the scenes because a lot of people probably think drew the Paul Finebaum Finebaum show is glamour like its Glamour because they see it on television and Paul sitting there and there's nothing better than when you turn on the S._E._C. Network you see Paul's beautiful face right in front of you because that's what you want you just want him. You want to look at him so they probably think hey when you also finebaum show that's gotta be amazing. Are you on television. We'll know when Drouin Eireann on the Finebaum show it's not on T._v.. It's radio only and we're not wearing suits. We are not as handsome as Paul Finebaum we both are we're not able to be on television but when I get dropped into this show there's a part of me that says okay. I'm going to a different world because Drouin are used to doing Kentucky Bay shows and then I host the E._S._p._N.. A national N._F._l.. pregame show and I'm used to those and then you get dropped into finebaum world and this usually happens to us about three or four times a year and I it takes me a minute to get up to find bomb speed because I don't know what you all have been talking talking about like on my show. Today we talked extensively about the fact that they found a hamburger on the street in Queens. I have a feeling that was not a big topic on Finebaum yesterday. Don't expect to come up probably not we can't talk about if you want but I suspect you don't so one of the things I like to do is I like to sort of ask. What have they been talking about so yesterday? Brad Edwards was was the host I try. I got my car and I tried to turn it on to hear what everyone was talking talking about and I turned it on twice and both times they were talking about the L._S._U.. Locker Room and believe me. What a locker room? I mean of all the locker rooms I've ever seen it is locker room tastic. They've got air pods and beds and like air people. You can charge your phone. Oh my goodness people are acting as if if you walk into the L._S._U.. Locker Room you immediately get into the year twenty three forty five and I love it but I can only talk so much about locker rooms. There's only so so much locker room talk. I can talk and at five fifteen. I have someone coming on the show to talk about the locker room. I'm going to save it for them. So what I did. Is You get assigned. A producer and these producers are wonderful young man we have Spencer Spencer and Alan and you hope drew when you get producers. They will welcome you to the show. Yeah that's their job. That's their job so the first thing that happens is Allen who seems like a nice young man. Allen says is what's the name of the host are no the call or one of the callers. I think this was Lynn is on hold or not laying. Excuse me Matt is on hold and Matt said WHO's hosting the show and would you like to know what Allen said yes. Mike Jones who Mike Jones now. The last name right got so immediately. I feel welcome. It's good to have Mike Jones Alan glad to be here with you my Jones so then I asked Spencer Spencer. Let me ask you a question..

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