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That you take the women are in consideration low account discredit by moldova in on her fight lions right on the wall open at of about people have lobbied congress people that you know why i take it you know maybe somebody has made bad choices and relationships and understand the situation law of by watson helped bring knack the table you know work on some of the things about that women aim into that tom and clinton township bud tom mind she says that this was really more than that she didn't mean necessarily to offender imply bias that she didn't agree with an interpretation she just wants to see more women in office who will keep this from happening guy let me fell off a great show they after the backed up questions you a right in there but after the first twenty fact that it was odd alive blah blah she lost me having her explanation to me if i can explain this clearly either she's just an idiot or if you think i'm an idiot well first of all i've known her a wild she is no idiot she one of the smartest apple i've had the pleasure of covering but i will never agree with her on many thinks the what she was trying to give me oh my guy well either that's it there certainly it is going to sell with a certain part of the electorate i think the left if the ad itself from a political standpoint brilliant it has gotten her a ton of attention in name recognition that she didn't already have a fred is in grand blanc this afternoon fred you're on the guy gordon show happy friday good thank you um it just seems like again that's always the democrats are done anything politics and gender politics and instead of real deal stuff they talk around things daily always act like therefore the people and ice in this resistance that the democrats are doing is just unbelievable i i don't understand why people aren't calling them up and see what is going on why are you this do and nothing you're getting done and so it just is again you know i really appreciate donald trump for serve and he's help save this this uh country from the democrats that.

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