Cody, Malachi Black, Despot Digi discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders


I don't know if you guys have picked up on the type of. Oh no please please cody. No no no no. It was kind of one of those type of frenzies so to see cody teasing the whole retirement. Taking off one of his boots trying to get ready to go win and take the outer booed off. Outlook shot to cody. I mean he milked this for what it was worth. Yeah he really really did he. Milked follows worth but then for malachi black to resurface and just wham hit him from behind laying him out. Here's what was so funny about this too by the way. I don't know if you guys that watch on my to my tonight kind of picked up on this but homeland on his second. You know when malachi black did despot digi notice how malachi black did not get unanimous boos from the crowd. Did you guys notice that. Go back and check that out. You still got it on your dvr and all that. Go back and check it out or if you're going to be watching late saturday next day and you have your watched the just go back and check it out. There was a unanimous booze coming from malachi black for it at spot. If anything there was ovation you could literally feel the fans. Whatever was possibly about to be sucked out of their lungs as far as no cody. Don't go please don't go don't.

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