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Audio books were still be available Seattle parks programs are also canceled with the exception of preschool programs and hygiene services the Seattle art museum is shutting its doors on a temporary basis it into comma point defiance zoo and aquarium northwest trek in all four community centers are closing at the end of the day today been hearing complaints from people across king county that they can't get tested for corona virus this woman says she's had a cough and a fever for a week and wanted to be tested what if I had a call waiting she went to the doctor last week who told her the test was too expensive and the hospitals are not set up to administer them yet well we contacted doctor Scott Scott monk was with the state department of health and it'll come was Gabe Cohen that Washington has plenty of test kits the problem is that doctors are running out of protective gear to collect samples the state desperately needs and ninety five math skills in clouds brought into the community is there any indication that we will get that P. P. N. anytime soon well I think there is some indication that we'll get some and I just don't think it's going to be enough fast enough some clinics have set up drive through test stations but most providers can't yet take samples prison visits here in Washington are now on hold the department of corrections is working to put new screening measures in place for all staff prisoners and other people entering those facilities until those protocols are in place visitations and tours will be suspended the Seattle symphony is canceled all performances and events through the rest of this month but they are offering free live streaming from Benaroya hall the symphony's updating its program schedule on their website and if you're interested we posted a link to their website at komo news dot com concerns about coronavirus have meant big changes at work and at home and there's a lot of uncertainty about what comes next crisis connections links to Seattle and king county residents to emergency mental health services alley Franklin with the organization says its crisis line has seen a twenty five percent surging calls over the past two weeks or people have have a higher level of distress and I think that happens right when suing people are hearing about the original word pandemic or they're thinking about.

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