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Today, rain is expected for most of the day with a high of 64 Tomorrow cloudy with occasional light rain, mainly in the morning and a high of 52. Off. Welcome to the inquiry on the BBC World Service for weeks. Last month, Nigeria was rocked by street and online protests against the hated police unit called SARS. Theo End SARS movement unite the country in a way few protests have done before. For the first time, I had this real wave of optimism that people thought if we come together, we could make a difference. The demonstrations were about more than just police brutality. They were about the Kind of country. Young Nigerians want to inherit or keep pushing, will keep pushing. This is something that we're not going away. And if the government doesn't listen, someone Nigeria is a powder keg. The government will need to act fast. If nothing is done. There's so much to worry about in the country. This'll week on the inquiry. We're asking Will the end solves. Protests Change Nigeria? Join me Kavita Puri after the news. BBC News. Hello, this is Jerry Smith. China has said the resignation of 15 pro democracy legislators.

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